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version 1.0 2014 06 03

REQUIREMENTS Matlab 2012 or higher Java

TO RUN Sw1PerS Run the sw1pers_v1_src/run_SW1PerS.m file

INPUT FORMAT Tab delimited. First row contains sample times. First column contains signal IDs.

OUTPUT FORMAT Tab delimited. First row is header, for columns: ID, SW periodicity score (smaller is better), and the period for that score.


  1. Use the original main file: sw1pers_v1_src/run_SW1PerS.m

  2. With the data files in: sw1pers_test/test_input

  3. With the setup: data_file_path = '../sw1pers_test/test_input/synth_data_noise0.txt';
    out_dir_path = '../sw1pers_test/test_output/';
    num_cycles = 2;
    feature_type = 3;
    num_points = 200;
    allow_trending = true;
    use_meanshift = true;
    meanshift_epsilon = 1 - cos(pi/16);
    use_expaverage = false;
    expaverage_alpha = NaN;
    use_movingaverage = true;
    movingaverage_window = 10;
    use_smoothspline = false;
    smoothspline_sigma = NaN;

  4. Check that the files you generated in: sw1pers_test/test_output/ match the correct files we generated in: sw1pers_test/test_output_correct/

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