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The Dai Universe

A catalog of all the variations of Dai emerging from the composability and collaboration of DeFi.


Asset Creator Contract Description
DAI MakerDAO Etherscan Multi Collateral Dai, Decentralized stablecoin pegged to $1 USD
SAI MakerDAO Etherscan (Legacy Dai) Single Collateral Dai, Decentralized stablecoin pegged to $1 USD
aDAI Aave Etherscan Token representing a DAI deposit in Aave protocol DAI reserve, pegged to 1$ USD and ever-growing directly into the user Balance.
bDAI BTU Protocol Etherscan bDAI is a stable coin that automatically rewards in BTU when you use it. Rewards are based on DSR, currently 7.75% per year.
cDAI Compound Etherscan Tokens representing a balance earning interest on Compound
Chai Chai Etherscan Chai tokenizes the Dai Savings Rate. Earn interest on Dai without having to lock it up.
dDAI Dharma Etherscan dDai represents a DAI deposit in Dharma. It's wrapped cDai that allows Dharma to retain 10% of the interest earned.
DAI-HRD keydonix Etherscan Earn interest on your DAI, while continuing to function as a standard token.
downDAI Daichotomy A highly leveraged (20x) short position on the price of Dai on the UpSideDai protocol.
ezDAI Zero Collateral ezDAI represent Dai being lent on the Zero Collateral protocol. ezDAI can be redeemed for DAI by withdrawing supply from the market.
gDAI Etherscan Uses iDai interest to enable future gas-less DAI transfers
HCDPdai HumanityDAO Etherscan rDAI where the 3rd party is fixed to a HumanityDAO UBI fund
iDAI bZx Etherscan Tokens representing a balance earning interest on Fulcrum
idleDAI Idle Finance Etherscan Rebalances between Compound and Fulcrum
lsDAI YellowHatDAO Earn Compound interest on your collateral with rDai, while providing liquidity for hedges against variable Compound interest.
maxDAI MetaMoneyMarket Rebalances between Compound and dYdX
ocDAI Opyn Etherscan Inurance option for your Dai deposits on Compound (cDai)
pDAI1 ZeframLou Etherscan A no-loss donation protocol enabling people to pool money together, lend it out, and donate the interest to a cause.
plDAI PoolTogether Etherscan Representing tickets in the PoolTogether no-loss lottery. Minted when your deposit is eligible to win a prize.
rDAI rDai Etherscan Tokenized interest that's sent to a third party (developer, charity, dapp)
upDAI Daichotomy A highly leveraged (20x) long position on the price of Dai on the UpSideDai protocol.
vDAI MakerDAO vDAI is shorthand for MakerDAO's internal "vat Dai".
WeiDai WeiDai A protective wrapper for Dai against inflation
xDAI xDai Pegged to Dai, but on a POA sidechain for fast transactions and low gas prices
yDAI1 iearn Etherscan The yield token on the iearn platform, an aggregator of interest-earning DeFi opportunities
yxDAI Etherscan Interest-bearing token which tokenizes DyDx lending positions
zkDAI1 Aztec Protocol Abstracts away the complexities of the Aztec Protocol for privacy on Ethereum

In Development

Asset Creator Contract Description
CherryDAI Cherry Swap An interest bearing token representing fractional ownership in the liquidity pool plus the returns from offering the swaps
DDAI Dexwallet Gas station network enabled interest delegating dai with smart DeFi recipes
DyDAI Cryption Interest-bearing token for dYdX. On Kovan.
oDAI Convexity oDAI is an options contract on the Convexity Protocol. For example, a useer can buy a put options against smart contract risk.
pDAI2 pTokens On the pTokens platform, pDAI enables the Dai token to be used on EOSIO
saveDAI saveDAI saveDAI wraps together cDAI and ocDAI giving you an interest-earning token with built-in insurance.
swanDAI Get exposure to DeFi black swan events via synthetic tokens
wxDAI xdaichain Wrapped xDai bridged to Mainnet in a form of ERC20
yDAI2 Paradigm Get short exposure on Dai
zDAI Confidential Dai transactions on Burner wallet
zkDAI2 Hidden Dai transactions using zkSnarks


Asset Creator Contract Description
∞DAI Earned interest goes to smart contract cover insurance
nmDAI Similar to above, cDAI with built-in Nexus Mutual contract cover.


Contributions are encouraged!

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