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command-line extlookup

Puppet's extlookup is nice. I want it in other places, so I wrote this.

The particular use case was being able to deploy a specific version+branch of our internal puppet modules to production and other sites. For every other package-specific case, we have an extlookup value of "package/,1234.branch" that we use to hint puppet on what version of things to install or to upgrade.

The above works great except for puppet modules itself because I use masterless puppet. My puppet runs are 3 phase, in a shell script:

  1. update to latest version of "loggly-puppet" package
  2. run puppet with environment 'prerun' to ensure storeconfigs and friends work
  3. run final, and real, puppet run with storeconfigs etc.

This tool (extlookup.rb) aims to help me augment #1 by allowing me to specify a package version and branch the same way we already specify this for other internal packages at Loggly.

Example usage:

% FACTERLIB=/opt/puppet/modules/truth/plugins/facter/ \
  ruby extlookup.rb --datadir /opt/loggly/deployment \
    -p "%{deployment}/%{fqdn}" -p "%{deployment}/config" \
    -p common -p truth package/loggly-frontend


% ruby extlookup.rb ... config/infrastructure/iptables-management


  • Take a manifest file and attempt to parse out the $extlookup_ settings rather than requiring --datadir and many -p flags