Common software patterns I use frequently.
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Latest commit 4f2128a Sep 12, 2015 @colinsurprenant colinsurprenant committed with Make Stud::Task and Stud.interval cooperatively interruptable
This introduces `Stud.stop!` and `Stud.stop?` to aid in signalling and
querying the current state of this new cooperative interrupt.

Closes #27


Ruby's stdlib is missing many things I use to solve most of my software problems. Things like like retrying on a failure, supervising workers, resource pools, etc.

In general, I started exploring solutions to these things in code over in my software-patterns repo. This library (stud) aims to be a well-tested, production-quality implementation of the patterns described in that repo.

For now, these all exist in a single repo because, so far, implementations of each 'pattern' are quite small by code size.


  • {Stud::Try} (and {Stud.try}) - retry on failure, with back-off, where failure is any exception.
  • {Stud::Pool} - generic resource pools
  • {Stud::Task} - tasks (threads that can return values, exceptions, etc)
  • {Stud.interval} - interval execution (do X every N seconds)
  • {Stud::Buffer} - batch & flush behavior.


  • Make sure all things are documented. should be able to clearly show folks how to use features of this library.
  • Add tests to cover all supported features.