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A go toolkit for decoding, encoding icalendar ics ical files

Alpha status

Build Status

After trying to decode some .ics files and review available go packages, I decided to start writing this pacakge.

First attempt was from a fixed structure, similar to that needed. Later, I started to investigate the format and discovered that it is a pain, and has many variants, depending on who implements it. For this reason I evolved it to a tookit for decode and encode the format.

Check examples dir for user cases:

Demo app encoding an ical, using a mysql DB source

Features implemented:

  • Parsing and writing of vevent, not completly..
  • No recursive events,
  • And no alarms inside events

Follows: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5545


Integrate testing from: https://github.com/libical/libical


  • v00. First api traial
  • v01. Api evolves to a ical toolkit
  • v02. Added example of integration with a mysql db.

Thanks to: Joe Shaw Reviewing first revision.