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AudioSet Ontology Tree

Tree visualization of the AudioSet Ontology. See an online demo here:

Code adapted from:

Ontology from:

Project done in collaboration with Xavier Favory, Eduardo Fonseca and Frederic Font.


Open index.html in your browser! It requires the following files next to it: ontology.html5.json (AudioSet Ontology properly formatted for our html) and d3.v3.min.js (D3 library for visualizations).

In case ontology.html5.json is not available:

  1. Open /AudioSetOntologyTree/preprocessing/ folder. It contains: ontology.json (AudioSet Ontology as in and (python file for properly formatting the AudioSet Ontology).
  2. Run: python - to generate /AudioSetOntologyTree/ontology.html5.json file!

If AudioSet Ontology changes, one can re-compute ontology.html5.json by changing ontology.json with the updated AudioSet Ontology.