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Reduces speed when used in an includes #1

hlogmans opened this Issue · 3 comments

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If I do something like 'Articles.includes(:contentitems)', where contentitems has lazy loaded columns, the resulting query is like: 'select contentitems.[nonlazy columns], contentitems.* from contentitems', which of course even further degrades performance. I looked at the source if I could alter its behaviour, but I don't understand enough how these includes pull their columns...

(I tested two other gems doing something alike and those work neither)


Hi @hlogmans,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I will look into it. I am not sure I can fix it with the current approach but this is something that should be fixed anyway.


I believe this is a bug with default_scope combined with includes in Rails: rails/rails#785


Indeed @GUI. Thanks a lot for the info. I'm glad that at least it is tracked. I will try to see how to fix that in Rails. There seem to be an old patch that was never included in Rails.

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