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Komodo Airdrop

This Airdrop crate makes it easy to perform an airdrop from a Komodo Platform Assetchain, using KMD or any other assetchain.

extern crate komodo_airdrop;    

fn main() {    
    let snapshot = komodo_airdrop::Snapshot::builder()
        .using_threshold(1.0) // only include addresses that contain at least 1 CHAIN
    let airdrop = komodo_airdrop::Airdrop::builder()

If an airdrop happens from a multisig address (starts with b):

let signing_string = airdrop.signing_string(Some(String::from("<redeem_script here>")));
println!("{}", signing_string);

If not:

let signing_string = airdrop.signing_string(None);
println!("{}", signing_string);   

signing_string creates a raw transaction from the inputs of all utxos in the fund_address, and uses the resulting hex (a running daemon of the fund_address blockchain is required) to create a string that can be used as parameter string for the signrawtransaction daemon RPC, where in case of a multisig, a private key (WIF) needs to be supplied manually by the signer.


  • ratio is applied to both balance and interest. any change includes interest against the same ratio


  • documentation
    • why this airdrop crate is needed: KMD platform addresses are the same etc, so the only differentiator is an AC
  • define static payout amount in addition to ratio
  • let the builder pattern work with Results (trait type?) impossible, checking is done in build() now
  • send back any remainders and/or interest to fund_address
  • add P2SH inputs to support multisig airdrop
  • airdrop take a reference to snapshot
  • use JSON file as input to Airdrop
  • only include necessary utxos as input to the transaction, to prevent using all utxos when it's not needed since the required amount to airdrop has been reached.
    • what about interest? if KMD && interest_included then spend all inputs to include all interest.
    • else spend only required utxos
      • with some kind of ordering of utxos to only use largest utxos
  • use a global komodod daemon client instead of instantiating it a couple of times.
  • use an Enum for ratio and amount in Airdrop
  • Enum: add nonexhaustive to not have a breaking change when adding a new Enum variant
scenarios tested
  • Multisig yes/no
  • Ratio
  • Amount
    • payout full amount
  • Interest included

long term maybe's:

  • serialize multisig raw tx for easy multiparty signing
    • would likely be separate crate
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