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Lightweight jQuery Color Picker plugin with RGB, HSB and HEX fields, several skins and layouts.
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colpick Color Picker

colpick is a simple Photoshop-style color picker jQuery plugin. Its interface is familiar for most users and it's also very lightweight loading less than 30 KB to the browser.

For instructions and examples see:

  • No images! Just a JS and a CSS file
  • Very intuitive Photoshop-like interface
  • Light and dark easy-to-customize CSS3 skins
  • 28 KB total loaded by the browser
  • Works and looks nice even on IE7
  • Extremely easy to implement


full: colpick full layout
rgbhex: colpick rgbhex layout
hex: colpick hex layout

Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Based on Stefan Petre's color picker

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