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Simple (to the point of being trivial) PHP Blog Engine using file system instead of a DB.

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Main points:
  - installed by copying files to a remote server, updating a simple config file
  - posts created by the person with the password - the Author (the initial one is "test" without quotes)
  - posts created as drafts (not visible to viewers), then published when ready
  - posts created as HTML
  - editing and deleting drafts, posts, and comments is available only to the Author
  - comments created as plain text preserving line breaks
  - comments open for viewers to add and to edit what they posted for a couple of minutes
  - adding comments can be frozen per post
  - categorization using customizable tags
  - Atom feed for posts and all comments
  - full text search in posts
  - graphical CAPTCHA preventing (to a degree) automated spammers
  - ~50kB of formatted PHP+HTML+CSS source code (+ 24kb images)

  - download the repository
  - change the config folder settings if necessary
  - adjust CSS to your own taste
  - download a font for CAPTCHA to fonts directory
  - update captcha.php to use it (it uses fonts/ConcertOne-Regular.ttf now)
  - upload to your server with PHP support

Possible problems:
  - if you cannot post anything, the file access rights are probably preventing PHP to write to the data/* directories
    set the rights for the directories under the data directory to read/write (0777 under unix/linux)
    you can usually use even ftp application by sending a server SITE command - e.g. for data/posts directory:
      quote site chmod 0777 data/posts
  - IE6 and IE7 are supported to a certain degree, IE8 is a bit better, IE9 seems working fine

Changing your password:
  - currently a bit tricky, but it is usually very infrequent operation
  - sign in using the current password (initially it is "test" without quotes)
  - go to your site /auth.php/test
  - enter the new password and submit
  - replace the code in /config/config.php by the newly generated code on the page


simple file-based php blog engine for one user with comments






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