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dokku-global-cert Build Status

Manages a global certificate for dokku.


  • dokku 0.7.0+
  • docker 1.12.x


dokku plugin:install global-cert


global-cert:generate        # Generate a key and certificate signing request (and self-signed certificate)
global-cert:remove          # Remove the SSL configuration
global-cert:report [<flag>] # Displays a global ssl report
global-cert:set CRT KEY     # Sets a global ssl endpoint. Can also import from a tarball on stdin


While Dokku supports per-application SSL certificates, it does not natively provide global certificate setting. This plugin allows setting a global certificate, which will then be imported for all new applications. The interface is similar to that of the official certs plugin, though with minor changes to reflect it's usage.

certificate setting

The global-cert:set command can be used to push a tar containing a certificate .crt and .key file to a single application. The command should correctly handle cases where the .crt and .key are not named properly or are nested in a subdirectory of said tar file. You can import it as follows:

# if your `.crt` file came alongside a `.ca-bundle`, you'll want to 
# concatenate those into a single `.crt` file before adding it to the `.tar`.
cat yourdomain_com.crt > server.crt

# tar the certificates
tar cvf cert-key.tar server.crt server.key
dokku global-cert:set < cert-key.tar

You can also import certs without using stdin, and instead specifying a full path on disk:

dokku global-cert:set server.crt server.key

certificate removal

The global certificate can be removed with the following command:

dokku global-cert:remove

If the global certificate is removed, existing applications will continue to have the global certificate set.