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josephfrazier Upgrade standard-packages
See standard/standard-packages#20 (comment)

Note that dependencies of repositories in standard-packages are hoisted
up, so that we don't have to install them in each repository.

There is still one repository that fails:

1. napa: Not yet sure how to fix
Latest commit a469fd7 Jun 13, 2018


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Ever wish standard provided a way to "eject" à la create-react-app, to allow customization?

standard-eject does this for you, replacing standard with standardx. You can then edit the .eslintrc file to your liking.


yarn global add standard-eject
# or
npm install --global standard-eject


# In the directory containing package.json:

If you don't want to install standardx into the project (and uninstall standard), pass --no-install as the first argument:

standard-eject --no-install