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jabheightmap 0.1 (January 27, 2003)

This program features a small OpenGL world created with
a PNG heightmap. It puts all of the quads of the map into
an octree, which is used to cull quads that definitely aren't
in the view frustum.

It requires OpenGL (of course), X11/GLX, and libpng.

To build it, run 'make' in the jabheightmap-0.1 directory
(you may need to edit the Makefile appropriately for your
system first); a binary called 'main' will be created, which
you can then execute. Use the mouse to look around and use the
arrow keys to move. Pressing the w key will toggle wireframe
mode, s will dump a raw RGBA screenshot to a file named
screen.raw, and escape will quit.

I doubt I'll ever do anything more with this, so I'm
releasing it in case anyone else finds the code helpful.
The code is covered by a BSD-style license (see map.h
or any other source file for the exact terms). The PNG
images are public domain.

Josh Beam <>


A small OpenGL demo featuring a world created with a PNG heightmap.



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