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REST interface to beanstalkd (or probably other queues at some point).


>> sabbath -h

Usage: sabbath [options]

    -p, --port[OPTIONAL]             Port (default: 11300)
    -h, --host[OPTIONAL]             Host (default: localhost)
    -P, --web-port[OPTIONAL]         Web port (default: 4848)
    -H, --web-host[OPTIONAL]         Web host (default:
    -R, --rackup[OPTIONAL]           Rackup file (optional)
        --help                       Show this help message.


This allows you to interface with beanstalk over normal HTTP calls. I've included a really simple example in the examples directory. It consumes and pushes jobs onto a queue from jQuery.

This provides the following routes:

  • /:tube GET – This lets you get the latest job. If no job is available, the connection will be held open until one becomes available.

  • /:tube/:id GET – This lets you get a job by id.

  • /:tube/:id/release PUT – This lets you release a job back onto beanstalk.

  • /:tube/:id DELETE – This deletes a job from the queue.

  • /:tube POST – This lets you create a new job. The post parameter body is expected.

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