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Modules that extend Framer.js
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Modules that extend Framer.js

SVG Layer

A module and corresponding Sketch plugin that make it trivial to work with SVG Paths in Framer.

Numbers animating

Install the Sketch Plugin; select any path layer and run it. This automatically copies code to your clipboard.

In Framer Studio, after installing the module and importing it, create SVGLayers like so

{SVGLayer} = require "SVGLayer"

layer = new SVGLayer

Then paste in what the Sketch plugin copied, which will look something like this:

layer = new SVGLayer
  strokeWidth: 4
  width: 324
  height: 324
  path: '<path d="M162,324 C251.470129,324 324,251.470129 324,162 C324,72.5298705 251.470129,0 162,0 C72.5298705,0 0,72.5298705 0,162 C0,251.470129 72.5298705,324 162,324 Z"></path>'

Use dashOffset to animate a path from start to end.

line animating

layer = new SVGLayer
  dashOffset: 0
  # include other constructor options from example above

    dashOffset: 1

View example using states

  • linecap <string> (options: "round", "square", "butt")
  • fill <string> (css color)
  • stroke <string> (css color)
  • strokeWidth <string>
  • dashOffset <string> (from -1 to 1, defaults to 0)

Use layer.pathLength to get the length of the SVG path


Head over to Medium to read Working with SVG Paths in Framer.

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