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Welcome to the SesameTools wiki! SesameTools is a collection of general-purpose components for use with the Sesame RDF framework. It includes:

  • SesameTools common utilities: miscellaneous useful classes
  • CachingSail: an in-memory cache for RDF data
  • ConstrainedSail: a Sail implementation which interacts only with given named graphs. Useful for simple access control.
  • DeduplicationSail: a Sail implementation which avoids duplicate statements. For use with triple stores such as AllegroGraph which otherwise allow duplicates.
  • LinkedDataServer: a RESTful web service to publish a Sesame data store as Linked Data
  • MappingSail: a Sail which translates between two URI spaces. Used by LinkedDataServer.
  • RDFTransactionSail: a write-only Sail which generates RDF transactions instead of performing per-call updates. Useful for streaming RDF data as described here
  • ReadOnlySail: a read-only Sail implementation
  • ReplaySail: a pair of Sail implementations which allow Sail operations to be first recorded to a log file, then reproduced from the log file
  • RepositorySail: a Sail implementation which wraps a Repository object. This is essentially the inverse of Sesame's SailRepository
  • Sesamize: command-line tools for Sesame
  • URI Translator: a utility which runs SPARQL-1.1 Update queries against a Repository to convert URIs between different prefixes
  • WriteOnlySail: a write-only Sail implementation

See also the Sesametools API.

For projects which use Maven, SesameTools snapshots and release packages can be imported by adding configuration like the following to the project's POM:


The latest Maven packages can be browsed here.

Credits: SesameTools is written and maintained by Joshua Shinavier and Peter Ansell. Patches have been contributed by Faisal Hameed, Florian Kleedorfer, Olaf Görlitz, and Michal Klempa. An RDF/JSON parser and writer present in releases 1.7 and earlier contain code by Hannes Ebner.


A collection of utilities for use with OpenRDF Sesame (as of recently, Eclipse RDF4J)







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