Chat Plugin for Redmine 1.0.x,1.1.x,1.2.x - Driven on MySQL no need to install any extra gems. Use at own risk. I will do my best to add features over time, but I am a busy student so I apologize for slow release/response times.
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Run in the plugin folder: git clone git://

Run in the main redmine folder: rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production

The plugin should be installed. This plugin hasn't been throughly tested on a clean install. Let me know if you encounter bugs.

I plan on changing the textbox to a text area at some point. If you poke around the code an informed person would tell me the javascript and css needs to go into their own files. I agree. I plan on doing this when I get around to it.

I plan on adding: Group,project, and role access control options in a configuration panel Option to Display messages from self as from Me (when from you) Option to set poll frequencies and optional decay multiplier (if no new messages are received increase time between this poll and next poll) Option to highlight messages that are from one's self Option to set how many recent messages are displayed. Option to enable/disable Global chat, and turn on Project specific and/or Group Specific rooms A new implementation of the Javascript with a flashing notification (titlebar, chat button) with new messages, and intelligent auto scroller when new messages come in for the chat frame.

I plan on reworking the entire Javascript implementation to be more efficient and to address some of the automatic scrolling issues when they were applied.

Turning on Query Caching may significantly improve efficiency. I will try to get most of these features completed within next couple weeks.

- German Localization Provided by cforce ( - Russian Localization Provided by Garfeild ( - French Localization Provided by passaid ( - Brazilian-Portuguese Localization Provided by allisson ( - Spanish Localization Provied by Gabriela Guarnerio

I would like to thank all of you who have reported issues and bugs, and to apologize for my slow development. I hope I can commit much more time during winter break.