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-A web application and server library. This provides a
-standard interface for web applications to communicate with web servers.
-Your web application will work with any web server that implements
-this specification.
+A web application framework for the ooc programming language.
+This provides a common API between your web application and
+any server that implements the Server interface.
+See examples for how to use ooc-web.
+For any help feel free to hope into the #ooc-lang IRC channel
+on freenode. You can also message me on github with any questions.
Author: Joshua Roesslein
License: BSD
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+1. Copy the web folder and the web.ooc file into your OOC_LIBS directory.
+2. Install the FastCGI server. See the servers folder.
+3. Compile the examples.
+4. Configure your FastCGI enabled web server to connect
+ with the application on port 8000.
+5. Launch the example binary.
+6. Visit the URL of your application in a browser and enjoy!

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