@joshuef joshuef released this Dec 7, 2017

Assets 3

Known limitations

  • No localhost support in this release
  • Placeholder authenticator messages (the prompt doesn't show the app's info and/or permissions requested as the current authenticator does)
  • (Potentially) slow startup (network connection occurs on startup as opposed to first fetch)
  • No reconnect notifications (if you start without the invite IP updated, you'll need to restart, for e.g.)
  • UI has not been a focus as yet
  • No page loading indicator right now


  • Win: 6500de5e765cb2d92237a0df80e5677d27066bba4200395c37e46141fa48e9ba

  • Linux: 76a0277a17d39c4f5c93462f4b7871a63628a5510fe5706f59553df7eedc990e

  • OS X: 29ea1707f275e50b6907fba337efd99bcdeeecdc361a1bd9f55084a931082f1e