A warm and bright color scheme for hacking
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Base16 Unikitty

A vibrant color scheme for hacking. Includes themes for nearly every editor, terminal, and IDE. Find yours in the output directory.



These templates were designed for, and the outputs generated by Base16 Builders.

There are three variants of the scheme:

  • A dark scheme targeted specifically at generating dark background themes.
  • A light scheme targeted specifically at generating light background themes.
  • A reversible scheme which uses the same colors for generating both dark and light themes.

The dark and light schemes are crafted to maximize legibility while maintaining the warm and vibrant feel. The reversible theme trades a bit of legibility for a universal color palatte, one that uses the same colors for both dark and light schemes.

The dark and light schemes target the most modern Base16 Builders, and aim to solve some of the legibility problems of the legacy Base16 Builder outputs. For those reasons, I reccomend these over any of the reversible schemes.

However, the reversible variant has a uniform palatte in both light and dark, which is nice if you want use or switch between variants. Additionally, because it targets legacy Base16 Builders, there are generally more templates available. If you can't find your IDE/Editor/Terminal/Shell in the light and dark output, it might be available in the reversible output.

If you want to generate your own output, the light and dark schemes are intended to work with modern (v 0.9.0+) Base16 Builders, such as:

And the reversible scheme works well with legacy Base16 Builders, like: