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Toolkit for the labeling of objects within sequences of RGB-D observations
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Toolkit for the labeling of objects within sequences of RGB-D observations.

Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Jose Raul Ruiz Sarmiento

University of Malaga (

If you use this software, please read the LICENSE file. If the utilization is for academic purposes, please cite the work:


author = {Ruiz-Sarmiento, J. R. and Galindo, Cipriano and Gonz{\'{a}}lez-Jim{\'{e}}nez, Javier},
title = {OLT: A Toolkit for Object Labeling Applied to Robotic RGB-D Datasets},
booktitle = {European Conference on Mobile Robots},
year = {2015},
location = {Lincoln, UK}


Toolkit structure

This project is structured as follows:

  • This directory: Rules to build the toolkit using CMake, and the license file (GNU General Public License v3).
  • src: Source files to be compiled, which build the following toolkit applications (listed in the same order as they should be run):
    • Process_rawlog: Sets the extrinsic and intrinsic parameters of the sensors used within the dataset.

    • Mapping: Localizes the poses/locations from which the observations within the datset were taken in order to create a map of the scene.

    • Visualize_reconstruction: Visually shows a 3D reconstruction of the collected data, and stores it as a scene.

    • Label_scene: Permits us to effortlessly label a reconstructed scene. Example of scene being labeled:

      Scene being labeled with the OLT tool

    • Label_rawlog: Propagates the annotated labels in a scene to each observation within the dataset.

    • Dataset_statistics: Shows information of the dataset, e.g. a summary of the objects appearing on it, number of times that they appear, number of pixels they occupy, etc.

    • Benchmark: Compare two labeled rawlogs and yields some performance results.

    • Create_video & Segmentation: Experimental applications under development.

  • Examples of configuration files: A directoy containing some examples of configuration files to be used with the different toolkit applications.


Mandatory dependencies:


mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

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