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Bagman remake by JOTD in 2010-2015

Original game by Valadon Automation
ROM strings show that it has been coded by Jacques Brisse (still head of Valadon)

Game has been resourced (Z80) and guard behaviour/speed has been reproduced
as faithfully as possible.


-a: panoramic 3-screen windowed mode
-s: no sound
-g: direct game
-j: joystick
-i: invincible mode (cheat!!!)
-f: full screen (lower part truncated since no HW rescaling)


- joystick or cursor keys: directions
- fire or ctrl: action
- P: pause
- ESC: quit current game
- F10: quit program

What's better than the MAME version:

- game is slightly less unfair when you change screens with guards tailgating you (in the original game
  you find guard ahead of you in the next screen and you die). Same thing with the wagons
- guards have some extra animation when killed (same as the player actually)
- sometimes AI seems better than the original, in particular when guard are stuck (which is rare)
- panoramic mode (Windows version only)
- fadein/fadeout effects
- C++/SDL source code included means fully portable
- original Z80 asm source included (not fully resourced, but there's most of the interesting parts)
- settings/DSW that you can save
- eats a lot less CPU than the MAME version
- MAME version needs to hardware scale the screen in full screen mode. This version changes screen layout:
  no need for rescaling => no blurry pixels
- the original game had a tendency (not all the time) to leave the barrow in the last screen when you completed
  the level, which is unfair and makes next level very difficult because you have to bring back the barrow or go
  to last screen right after appearing in the first screen.
- ground-disappearing bug found when trying to drop a bag off a ledge in screen 3 in the elevator shaft.
- extra easy difficulty level
- fully credits Jacques Brisse for his work :)

What's better in the MAME version:

- exact original AI (of course!)
- high scores

The DS has Bagman running from MarcaDS but the emulator is bug ridden and slow, and lacks voices.
So I'm happy I could write that one, even if you have to rotate your DS to play


remake of the 1982 arcade game for Windows, NintendoDS and Amiga






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