A provider extension for Spring Social to enable connectivity with Salesforce and an API binding for Salesforce's REST API.
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Spring Social Salesforce is a Spring Social extension that provides connection support and api binding for Salesforce REST API.

To check out the project and build from source, do the following:

git clone git://github.com/jottley/spring-social-salesforce.git
cd spring-social-salesforce
mvn clean install


To include in your maven project use the following repository and dependency




There is a spring boot quickstart app available at https://github.com/jottley/spring-social-salesforce-quickstart

Supported Operations

  • Retrieve all available api versions
  • Retrieve services supported by a specific version of the api
  • Retrieve the list of sObject's
  • Retrieve summary-metadata of an sObject
  • Retrieve full-metadata of an sObject
  • Retrieve a row from an sObject
  • Retrieve a blob from a row in an sObject
  • Create a new sObject
  • Update an existing sObject
  • Retrieve recent changes feed
  • Execute a SOSL search and retrieve the results (with paging or all)
  • Run a SOQL query and retrieve the results (with paging or all)
  • Retrieve user profile
  • Retrieve user status
  • Update user status