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How to Rotate CA without downtime in a private mTLS setup

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This is a proof of concept CA rotation project to complement the Kafka Summit Talk titled Securing Kafka at Zendesk that I gave at Kafka Summit 2020


To be able to run this project you will need docker and docker-compose installed in your computer.

You will also need to have Terraform installed. There's a .terraform-version file at terraform folder, I would recommend using Terraform Version Manager, once tfenv is installed you can run tfenv install to install the required version of terraform.

How to run

  1. Start vault and consul with

     docker-compose up 

    You can now head over to, the password is set to root, you can login and wander around the UI. You can check consul at

    In one terminal tab, tail logs of the consul-template service with:

    docker-compose logs -f consul_template
  2. Initialise the terraform project and apply with the following:

    cd terraform
    terraform init
    terraform apply

    Keep an eye on consul-template logs, you will soon see it has generated a service certificate from the current root (Root A).

You can at this point follow the demo from the talk to introduce a new root (Root B), then swap the roots while inspecting the logs of consul-template to verify it's following along the changes in the consul key. Or you can also continue following along.

  1. Introduce new root (Root B) I have added the necessary code for adding a new root, so you can just do the following
git checkout introduce-new-root-b
terraform apply # type yes when prompted

As soon as you press enter, you should notice consul-template regenerating certificates on the logs.

  1. Now to we can swap the roots using the following commands
git checkout swap-roots
terraform apply # type yes when prompted

You will see consul-template regenerating the service certificate from new root, Root B.

  1. Now we can remove the old root from the list of secondary issuers.
git checkout remove-old-root-from-secondary-issuers
terraform apply # type yes when prompted
  1. We can also now remove root-a from vault
git checkout remove-old-root-from-vault
terraform apply # type yes when prompted

Feel free to raise PRs or issues if you have questions/comments/anything to add.


How to Rotate CA without downtime in a private mTLS setup






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