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# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
# or
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
# and limitations under the License.
# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
# file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
# If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
# Copyright (c) 2012, Joyent, Inc. All rights reserved.
# This lists all the files that illumos-joyent delivers as part of a build.
s bin=usr/bin
d boot 0755 root sys
d boot/acpi 0755 root sys
d boot/acpi/tables 0755 root sys
d boot/solaris 0755 root sys
f boot/solaris/bootenv.rc 0644 root root
d boot/solaris/devicedb 0755 root sys
f boot/solaris/devicedb/master 0644 root sys
d dev 0755 root sys
s dev/allkmem=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:allkmem
s dev/arp=../devices/pseudo/arp@0:arp
s dev/bl=../devices/pseudo/bl@0:bl
s dev/bpf=../devices/pseudo/bpf@0:bpf
s dev/bridgectl=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:bridge
s dev/conslog=../devices/pseudo/log@0:conslog
s dev/console=../devices/pseudo/cn@0:console
d dev/cpu 0755 root root
d dev/cpu/self 0755 root root
s dev/cpu/self/cpuid=../../../devices/pseudo/cpuid@0:self
s dev/crypto=../devices/pseudo/crypto@0:crypto
s dev/cryptoadm=../devices/pseudo/cryptoadm@0:cryptoadm
s dev/dld=../devices/pseudo/dld@0:ctl
d dev/dtrace 0755 root root
d dev/dtrace/provider 0755 root root
s dev/dtrace/provider/dcpc=../../../devices/pseudo/dcpc@0:dcpc
s dev/dtrace/provider/fasttrap=../../../devices/pseudo/fasttrap@0:fasttrap
s dev/dtrace/provider/fbt=../../../devices/pseudo/fbt@0:fbt
s dev/dtrace/provider/lockstat=../../../devices/pseudo/lockstat@0:lockstat
s dev/dtrace/provider/profile=../../../devices/pseudo/profile@0:profile
s dev/dtrace/provider/sdt=../../../devices/pseudo/sdt@0:sdt
s dev/dtrace/provider/systrace=../../../devices/pseudo/systrace@0:systrace
s dev/dump=../devices/pseudo/dump@0:dump
d dev/fd 0555 root root
s dev/fm=../devices/pseudo/fm@0:fm
s dev/fssnapctl=../devices/pseudo/fssnap@0:ctl
s dev/icmp6=../devices/pseudo/icmp6@0:icmp6
s dev/icmp=../devices/pseudo/icmp@0:icmp
s dev/igb=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:igb
s dev/ip6=../devices/pseudo/ip6@0:ip6
s dev/ip=../devices/pseudo/ip@0:ip
s dev/ipauth=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipauth
s dev/ipf=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipf
s dev/ipl=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipf
s dev/iplookup=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:iplookup
s dev/ipmpstub=../devices/pseudo/dlpistub@0:ipmpstub
s dev/ipnat=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipnat
s dev/ipscan=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipscan
s dev/ipsecah=../devices/pseudo/ipsecah@0:ipsecah
s dev/ipsecesp=../devices/pseudo/ipsecesp@0:ipsecesp
s dev/ipstate=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipstate
s dev/ipsync=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipsync
s dev/kbd=../devices/pseudo/conskbd@0:kbd
s dev/keysock=../devices/pseudo/keysock@0:keysock
s dev/kmdb=../devices/pseudo/kmdb@0:kmdb
s dev/kmem=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:kmem
s dev/kssl=../devices/pseudo/kssl@0:kssl
s dev/kstat=../devices/pseudo/kstat@0:kstat
s dev/ksyms=../devices/pseudo/ksyms@0:ksyms
s dev/llc1=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:llc1
s dev/lo0=../devices/pseudo/ipnet@0:lo0
s dev/lockstat=../devices/pseudo/lockstat@0:lockstat
s dev/lofictl=../devices/pseudo/lofi@0:ctl
s dev/log=../devices/pseudo/log@0:log
s dev/logindmux=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:logindmux
s dev/mem=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:mem
s dev/mouse=../devices/pseudo/consms@0:mouse
s dev/msglog=../devices/pseudo/sysmsg@0:msglog
s dev/nsmb=../devices/pseudo/nsmb@0:nsmb
s dev/null=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:null
s dev/openprom=../devices/pseudo/openeepr@0:openprom
s dev/physmem=../devices/pseudo/physmem@0:physmem
s dev/pm=../devices/pseudo/pm@0:pm
s dev/poll=../devices/pseudo/poll@0:poll
s dev/pool=../devices/pseudo/pool@0:pool
s dev/poolctl=../devices/pseudo/pool@0:poolctl
s dev/power_button=../devices/pseudo/power@0:power_button
s dev/ppm=../devices/pseudo/ppm@0:ppm
s dev/ptmajor=../devices/pseudo/ptm@0:ptmajor
s dev/ptmx=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:ptm
s dev/ptyp0=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp0
s dev/ptyp1=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp1
s dev/ptyp2=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp2
s dev/ptyp3=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp3
s dev/ptyp4=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp4
s dev/ptyp5=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp5
s dev/ptyp6=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp6
s dev/ptyp7=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp7
s dev/ptyp8=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp8
s dev/ptyp9=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp9
s dev/ptypa=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypa
s dev/ptypb=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypb
s dev/ptypc=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypc
s dev/ptypd=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypd
s dev/ptype=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptype
s dev/ptypf=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypf
s dev/ptyq0=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq0
s dev/ptyq1=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq1
s dev/ptyq2=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq2
s dev/ptyq3=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq3
s dev/ptyq4=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq4
s dev/ptyq5=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq5
s dev/ptyq6=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq6
s dev/ptyq7=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq7
s dev/ptyq8=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq8
s dev/ptyq9=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq9
s dev/ptyqa=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqa
s dev/ptyqb=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqb
s dev/ptyqc=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqc
s dev/ptyqd=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqd
s dev/ptyqe=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqe
s dev/ptyqf=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqf
s dev/ptyr0=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr0
s dev/ptyr1=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr1
s dev/ptyr2=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr2
s dev/ptyr3=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr3
s dev/ptyr4=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr4
s dev/ptyr5=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr5
s dev/ptyr6=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr6
s dev/ptyr7=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr7
s dev/ptyr8=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr8
s dev/ptyr9=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr9
s dev/ptyra=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyra
s dev/ptyrb=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrb
s dev/ptyrc=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrc
s dev/ptyrd=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrd
s dev/ptyre=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyre
s dev/ptyrf=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrf
s dev/ramdiskctl=../devices/pseudo/ramdisk@1024:ctl
s dev/random=../devices/pseudo/random@0:random
s dev/rawip6=../devices/pseudo/icmp6@0:icmp6
s dev/rawip=../devices/pseudo/icmp@0:icmp
s dev/rts=../devices/pseudo/rts@0:rts
d dev/sad 0755 root root
s dev/sad/admin=../../devices/pseudo/sad@0:admin
s dev/sad/user=../../devices/pseudo/sad@0:user
s dev/sdp=../devices/pseudo/sdp@0:sdp
s dev/smbios=../devices/pseudo/smbios@0:smbios
s dev/spdsock=../devices/pseudo/spdsock@0:spdsock
s dev/sppp=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:sppp
s dev/sppptun=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:sppptun
s dev/srn=../devices/pseudo/srn@0:srn
s dev/stderr=fd/2
s dev/stdin=fd/0
s dev/stdout=fd/1
s dev/syscon=../devices/pseudo/cn@0:syscon
s dev/sysevent=../devices/pseudo/sysevent@0:sysevent
s dev/sysmsg=../devices/pseudo/sysmsg@0:sysmsg
s dev/systty=../devices/pseudo/cn@0:systty
s dev/tcp6=../devices/pseudo/tcp6@0:tcp6
s dev/tcp=../devices/pseudo/tcp@0:tcp
s dev/ticlts=../devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticlts
s dev/ticots=../devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticots
s dev/ticotsord=../devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticotsord
s dev/tty=../devices/pseudo/sy@0:tty
s dev/ttyp0=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp0
s dev/ttyp1=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp1
s dev/ttyp2=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp2
s dev/ttyp3=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp3
s dev/ttyp4=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp4
s dev/ttyp5=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp5
s dev/ttyp6=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp6
s dev/ttyp7=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp7
s dev/ttyp8=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp8
s dev/ttyp9=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp9
s dev/ttypa=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypa
s dev/ttypb=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypb
s dev/ttypc=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypc
s dev/ttypd=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypd
s dev/ttype=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttype
s dev/ttypf=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypf
s dev/ttyq0=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq0
s dev/ttyq1=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq1
s dev/ttyq2=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq2
s dev/ttyq3=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq3
s dev/ttyq4=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq4
s dev/ttyq5=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq5
s dev/ttyq6=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq6
s dev/ttyq7=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq7
s dev/ttyq8=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq8
s dev/ttyq9=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq9
s dev/ttyqa=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqa
s dev/ttyqb=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqb
s dev/ttyqc=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqc
s dev/ttyqd=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqd
s dev/ttyqe=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqe
s dev/ttyqf=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqf
s dev/ttyr0=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr0
s dev/ttyr1=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr1
s dev/ttyr2=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr2
s dev/ttyr3=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr3
s dev/ttyr4=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr4
s dev/ttyr5=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr5
s dev/ttyr6=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr6
s dev/ttyr7=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr7
s dev/ttyr8=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr8
s dev/ttyr9=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr9
s dev/ttyra=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyra
s dev/ttyrb=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrb
s dev/ttyrc=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrc
s dev/ttyrd=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrd
s dev/ttyre=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyre
s dev/ttyrf=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrf
s dev/ucode=../devices/pseudo/ucode@0:ucode
s dev/udp6=../devices/pseudo/udp6@0:udp6
s dev/udp=../devices/pseudo/udp@0:udp
s dev/urandom=../devices/pseudo/random@0:urandom
s dev/vni=../devices/pseudo/dlpistub@0:vni
s dev/winlock=../devices/pseudo/winlock@0:winlock
s dev/wscons=../devices/pseudo/wc@0:wscons
s dev/zero=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:zero
s dev/zfs=../devices/pseudo/zfs@0:zfs
d devices 0755 root sys
d etc 0755 root sys
f etc/.login 0644 root sys
s etc/.syslog_door=../var/run/syslog_door
s etc/TIMEZONE=default/init
d etc/acct 0755 adm adm
f etc/acct/holidays 0644 root bin
d etc/amd64 0755 root sys
f etc/auto_home 0644 root bin
f etc/auto_master 0644 root bin
f etc/bootrc 0755 root sys
d etc/brand 0755 root sys
d etc/certs 0755 root sys
f etc/certs/SUNWObjectCA 0644 root sys
f etc/certs/SUNWSolarisCA 0644 root sys
f etc/certs/SUNW_SunOS_5.10 0644 root sys
d etc/cron.d 0755 root sys
f etc/cron.d/.proto 0744 root sys
f etc/cron.d/at.deny 0644 root sys
f etc/cron.d/cron.deny 0644 root sys
f etc/cron.d/queuedefs 0644 root sys
d etc/crypto 0755 root sys
d etc/crypto/certs 0755 root sys
f etc/crypto/certs/CA 0644 root sys
f etc/crypto/certs/SUNWObjectCA 0644 root sys
f etc/crypto/certs/SUNW_SunOS_5.10 0644 root sys
d etc/crypto/crls 0755 root sys
f etc/crypto/kcf.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/crypto/kmf.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/dacf.conf 0644 root sys
d etc/dat 0755 root sys
f etc/dat/dat.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/datemsk 0444 root sys
d etc/default 0755 root sys
f etc/default/autofs 0644 root sys
f etc/default/cron 0644 root sys
f etc/default/devfsadm 0644 root sys
f etc/default/dhcpagent 0644 root sys
f etc/default/fs 0644 root sys
f etc/default/ftp 0644 root sys
f etc/default/inetinit 0644 root sys
f etc/default/ipsec 0644 root sys
f etc/default/keyserv 0644 root sys
f etc/default/mpathd 0644 root sys
f etc/default/nfs 0644 root sys
f etc/default/nfslogd 0644 root sys
f etc/default/nss 0644 root sys
f etc/default/power 0644 root sys
f etc/default/su 0644 root sys
f etc/default/syslogd 0644 root sys
f etc/default/tar 0644 root sys
f etc/default/telnetd 0644 root sys
f etc/default/utmpd 0644 root sys
d etc/dev 0755 root sys
f etc/ 0444 root root
d etc/devices 0755 root sys
d etc/devices/dli 0755 root root
f etc/ 0644 root sys
d etc/dfs 0755 root sys
f etc/dfs/dfstab 0644 root sys
f etc/dfs/fstypes 0644 root root
f etc/dfs/sharetab 0444 root root
f etc/ 0444 root sys
d etc/dhcp 0755 root sys
f etc/dhcp/inittab 0644 root sys
f etc/dhcp/inittab6 0644 root sys
d etc/dladm 0755 dladm netadm
f etc/dladm/datalink.conf 0644 dladm sys
f etc/dladm/flowadm.conf 0644 dladm netadm
f etc/dladm/flowprop.conf 0644 dladm netadm
f etc/dladm/secobj.conf 0660 dladm netadm
f etc/dumpdates 0664 root sys
d etc/fm 0755 root sys
d etc/fm/fmd 0755 root sys
f etc/format.dat 0644 root sys
d etc/fs 0755 root sys
d etc/fs/dev 0755 root sys
f etc/fs/dev/mount 0555 root bin
d etc/fs/hsfs 0755 root sys
f etc/fs/hsfs/mount 0555 root bin
d etc/fs/nfs 0755 root sys
f etc/fs/nfs/mount 0555 root bin
d etc/fs/ufs 0755 root sys
f etc/fs/ufs/mount 0555 root bin
d etc/fs/zfs 0755 root sys
s etc/fs/zfs/mount=../../../sbin/zfs
s etc/fs/zfs/umount=../../../sbin/zfs
d etc/gss 0755 root sys
f etc/gss/gsscred.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/gss/mech 0644 root sys
f etc/gss/qop 0644 root sys
f etc/hba.conf 0644 root bin
s etc/hosts=inet/hosts
f etc/ima.conf 0644 root bin
d etc/inet 0755 root sys
f etc/inet/datemsk.ndpd 0444 root sys
f etc/inet/hosts 0644 root sys
d etc/inet/ike 0755 root sys
f etc/inet/ike/config.sample 0444 root sys
d etc/inet/ike/crls 0755 root sys
d etc/inet/ike/publickeys 0755 root sys
f etc/inet/inetd.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/inet/ipaddrsel.conf 0644 root sys
s etc/inet/ipnodes=hosts
f etc/inet/ipsecalgs 0644 root sys
f etc/inet/ipsecinit.sample 0444 root sys
f etc/inet/netmasks 0644 root sys
f etc/inet/networks 0644 root sys
f etc/inet/protocols 0644 root sys
d etc/inet/secret 0700 root sys
f etc/inet/secret/ike.preshared 0600 root sys
d etc/inet/secret/ike.privatekeys 0700 root sys
f etc/inet/secret/ipseckeys.sample 0600 root sys
f etc/inet/services 0644 root sys
f etc/inet/slp.conf.example 0644 root sys
s etc/inetd.conf=inet/inetd.conf
d etc/init.d 0755 root sys
f etc/init.d/PRESERVE 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/README 0644 root sys
f etc/init.d/acct 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/devlinks 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/dhcp 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/dodatadm.udaplt 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/drvconfig 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/ldap.client 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/nfs.server 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/nscd 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/pppd 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/sendmail 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/slpd 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/sysetup 0744 root sys
f etc/init.d/ufs_quota 0744 root sys
f etc/ioctl.syscon 0644 root sys
d etc/ipadm 0755 netadm netadm
f etc/ipadm/ipadm.conf 0644 netadm netadm
d etc/ipf 0755 root sys
f etc/ipf/ipf.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/iu.ap 0644 root sys
d etc/krb5 0755 root sys
f etc/krb5/krb5.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/krb5/warn.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/ksh.kshrc 0644 root sys
s etc/log=../var/adm/log
d etc/logadm.d 0755 root sys
f etc/logadm.d/fmd.logadm.conf 0444 root sys
f etc/logindevperm 0644 root sys
f etc/mach 0644 root sys
f etc/magic 0444 root bin
f etc/mailcap 0644 root bin
d etc/mail 0755 root sys
f etc/mail/aliases 0644 root mail
d etc/mail/cf 0755 root mail
f etc/mail/helpfile 0644 root mail
f etc/mail/local-host-names 0644 root mail
f etc/mail/Mail.rc 0644 root mail
f etc/mail/mailx.rc 0644 root mail
s etc/mail/
f etc/mail/ 0444 root mail
s etc/mail/sendmail.hf=helpfile
f etc/mail/ 0444 root mail
s etc/mail/
f etc/mail/trusted-users 0644 root mail
f etc/mime.types 0644 root bin
f etc/mnttab 0444 root root
f etc/mpapi.conf 0644 root bin
f etc/name_to_sysnum 0644 root sys
d etc/net 0755 root sys
d etc/net/ticlts 0755 root sys
f etc/net/ticlts/hosts 0644 root sys
f etc/net/ticlts/services 0644 root sys
d etc/net/ticots 0755 root sys
f etc/net/ticots/hosts 0644 root sys
f etc/net/ticots/services 0644 root sys
d etc/net/ticotsord 0755 root sys
f etc/net/ticotsord/hosts 0644 root sys
f etc/net/ticotsord/services 0644 root sys
f etc/netconfig 0644 root sys
s etc/netmasks=inet/netmasks
s etc/networks=inet/networks
d etc/nfs 0755 root sys
f etc/nfs/nfslog.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/nfssec.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/nscd.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/ 0644 root sys
f etc/nsswitch.dns 0644 root sys
f etc/nsswitch.files 0644 root sys
f etc/nsswitch.ldap 0644 root sys
f etc/nsswitch.nis 0644 root sys
d etc/opt 0755 root sys
f etc/pam.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/power.conf 0644 root sys
d etc/ppp 0755 root sys
f etc/ppp/chap-secrets 0600 root sys
f etc/ppp/myisp-chat.tmpl 0644 root sys
f etc/ppp/options.tmpl 0644 root sys
f etc/ppp/options.ttya.tmpl 0644 root sys
f etc/ppp/pap-secrets 0600 root sys
d etc/ppp/peers 0755 root sys
f etc/ppp/peers/myisp.tmpl 0644 root sys
d etc/ppp/plugins 0755 root sys
f etc/profile 0644 root sys
f etc/project 0644 root sys
s etc/protocols=inet/protocols
f etc/publickey 0644 root bin
d etc/rc0.d 0755 root sys
h etc/rc0.d/K50pppd=etc/init.d/pppd
d etc/rc1.d 0755 root sys
h etc/rc1.d/K50pppd=etc/init.d/pppd
d etc/rc2.d 0755 root sys
f etc/rc2.d/README 0644 root sys
f etc/rc2.d/S20sysetup 0744 root sys
h etc/rc2.d/S47pppd=etc/init.d/pppd
f etc/rc2.d/S81dodatadm.udaplt 0744 root sys
f etc/rc2.d/S89PRESERVE 0744 root sys
d etc/rc3.d 0755 root sys
f etc/rc3.d/README 0644 root sys
d etc/rcS.d 0755 root sys
f etc/rcS.d/README 0644 root sys
d etc/rcm 0755 root sys
d etc/rcm/scripts 0755 root sys
f etc/remote 0644 root bin
f etc/rpc 0644 root sys
d etc/rpcsec 0755 root sys
d etc/saf 0755 root bin
f etc/saf/_sactab 0644 root sys
f etc/saf/_sysconfig 0644 root sys
d etc/saf/zsmon 0755 root sys
d etc/sasl 0755 root sys
f etc/sdp.conf 0644 root sys
d etc/security 0755 root sys
d etc/security/audit 0755 root sys
d etc/security/audit/localhost 0755 root sys
s etc/security/audit/localhost/files=../../../../var/audit
f etc/security/audit_class 0644 root sys
f etc/security/audit_event 0644 root sys
f etc/security/audit_warn 0740 root sys
f etc/security/auth_attr 0644 root sys
d etc/security/auth_attr.d 0755 root sys
f etc/security/auth_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
f etc/security/crypt.conf 0644 root sys
d etc/security/dev 0755 root sys
f etc/security/dev/audio 0400 root bin
f etc/security/dev/fd0 0400 root bin
f etc/security/dev/sr0 0400 root bin
f etc/security/dev/st0 0400 root bin
f etc/security/dev/st1 0400 root bin
f etc/security/device_policy 0644 root sys
f etc/security/exec_attr 0644 root sys
d etc/security/exec_attr.d 0755 root sys
f etc/security/exec_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
f etc/security/extra_privs 0644 root sys
f etc/security/kmfpolicy.xml 0644 root bin
d etc/security/lib 0755 root sys
f etc/security/lib/audio_clean 0555 root sys
f etc/security/lib/fd_clean 0555 root sys
f etc/security/lib/sr_clean 0555 root sys
f etc/security/lib/st_clean 0555 root sys
f etc/security/policy.conf 0644 root sys
f etc/security/priv_names 0644 root sys
f etc/security/prof_attr 0644 root sys
d etc/security/prof_attr.d 0755 root sys
f etc/security/prof_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
s etc/services=inet/services
d etc/skel 0755 root sys
f etc/skel/.profile 0644 root other
f etc/skel/local.cshrc 0644 root sys
f etc/skel/local.login 0644 root sys
f etc/skel/local.profile 0644 root sys
d etc/sock2path.d 0755 root sys
f etc/sock2path.d/driver%2Fnetwork%2Fbpf 0644 root sys
f etc/sock2path.d/driver%2Fnetwork%2Fsdp 0644 root sys
f etc/sock2path.d/system%2Fkernel 0644 root sys
d etc/ssh 0755 root sys
f etc/ssh/moduli 0644 root sys
f etc/ssh/ssh_config 0644 root sys
s etc/sulogin=../sbin/sulogin
d etc/svc 0755 root sys
d etc/svc/volatile 0755 root sys
d etc/sysconfig 0755 root root
d etc/sysevent 0755 root sys
d etc/sysevent/config 0755 root sys
d etc/sysevent/devfsadm_event_channel 0755 root root
f etc/syslog.conf 0644 root sys
s etc/
s etc/termcap=../usr/share/lib/termcap
d etc/tm 0755 root sys
f etc/ttydefs 0644 root sys
f etc/ttysrch 0644 root sys
d etc/usb 0755 root sys
f etc/usb/config_map.conf 0644 root sys
d etc/user_attr.d 0755 root sys
f etc/user_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
s etc/utmpx=../var/adm/utmpx
s etc/wtmpx=../var/adm/wtmpx
d etc/xdg 0755 root sys
d etc/xdg/autostart 0755 root sys
d etc/zfs 0755 root sys
d etc/zones 0755 root sys
f etc/zones/SUNWblank.xml 0444 root bin
f etc/zones/index 0644 root sys
s etc/zprofile=profile
d kernel 0755 root sys
d kernel/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/amd64/genunix 0755 root sys
d kernel/crypto 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/aes 0755 root sys
d kernel/crypto/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/aes 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/arcfour 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/blowfish 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/des 0755 root sys
s kernel/crypto/amd64/dprov=../../../kernel/drv/amd64/dprov
f kernel/crypto/amd64/ecc 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/md4 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/md5 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/rsa 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/sha1 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/sha2 0755 root sys
f kernel/crypto/amd64/swrand 0755 root sys
d kernel/dacf 0755 root sys
d kernel/dacf/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/dacf/amd64/net_dacf 0755 root sys
f kernel/dacf/net_dacf 0755 root sys
d kernel/drv 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/aac.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/acpi_drv.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/adpu320.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/aggr.conf 0644 root sys
d kernel/drv/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/aac 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/acpi_drv 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/adpu320 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/afe 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/aggr 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ahci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/amd8111s 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/amr 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/arcmsr 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/arp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/asy 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ata 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/atge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/bcm_sata 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/bfe 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/bge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/blkdev 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/bnxe 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/bridge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/chxge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/clone 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/cmdk 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/cn 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/conskbd 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/consms 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/cpuid 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/cpunex 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/crypto 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/cryptoadm 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dcpc 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/devinfo 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dld 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dlpistub 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dmfe 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dnet 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dprov 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dr_sas 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/dtrace 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/e1000g 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ehci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/eibnx 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/fasttrap 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/fbt 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/fp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/heci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/hid 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/hubd 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/hwahc 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/hwarc 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/hxge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/i8042 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/icmp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/icmp6 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/igb 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/intel_nb5000 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/intel_nhm 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/intel_nhmex 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ip 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ip6 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ipd 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ipnet 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ippctl 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/iprb 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ipsecah 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ipsecesp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/iptun 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/iscsi 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/iscsit 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/iwscn 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ixgb 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ixgbe 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/kb8042 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/keysock 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/kmdb 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/kssl 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/llc1 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/lockstat 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/lofi 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/log 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/lsimega 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/marvell88sx 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/mega_sas 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/mm 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/mpt 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/mpt_sas 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/mr_sas 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/myri10ge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/nge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ntxn 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/nulldriver 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/nv_sata 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/nxge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/oce 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ohci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/openeepr 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/options 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/pcata 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/pci_pci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/pcieb 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/pcser 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/physmem 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/pmcs 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/poll 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/power 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/profile 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/pseudo 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ptc 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ptsl 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/qlc 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/qlge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ramdisk 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/random 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/rge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/rtls 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/rts 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sad 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/scsa2usb 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/scsi_vhci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sd 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sdhost 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sdt 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ses 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sfe 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sgen 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/si3124 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/simnet 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/smbios 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/softmac 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/spdsock 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/srn 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/st 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/stmf 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/stmf_sbd 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sy 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sysevent 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/sysmsg 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/systrace 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/tcp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/tcp6 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/tl 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/tzmon 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ucode 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/udp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/udp6 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/ugen 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/uhci 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usb_mid 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbecm 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbftdi 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbsacm 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbser_edge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbskel 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbsksp 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/usbsprl 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/vgatext 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/vmxnet 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/vnic 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/vr 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/vscan 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/wc 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/xge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/yge 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amd64/zfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/drv/amr.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/arcmsr.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/arp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/asy.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ata.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/bge.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/bl.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/bnx.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/bnxe.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/bridge.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/clone.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/cmdk.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/cn.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/conskbd.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/consms.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/cpuid.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/crypto.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/cryptoadm.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/dcpc.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/devinfo.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/dld.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/dlpistub.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/dprov.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/dr_sas.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/dtrace.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/e1000g.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ehci.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/eibnx.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/fasttrap.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/fbt.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/fp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/hxge.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/icmp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/icmp6.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/igb.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/intel_nb5000.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/intel_nhm.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/intel_nhmex.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ip.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ip6.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ipd.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ipnet.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ippctl.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ipsecah.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ipsecesp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/iptun.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/iscsi.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/iscsit.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/iwscn.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ixgbe.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/keysock.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/kmdb.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/kssl.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/llc1.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/lockstat.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/lofi.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/log.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/lsimega.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/mega_sas.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/mm.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/mpt.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/mpt_sas.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/mr_sas.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/nge.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ntxn.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/nv_sata.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/nxge.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ohci.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/openeepr.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/options.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/pcieb.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/physmem.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/pmcs.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/poll.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/power.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/profile.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/pseudo.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ptc.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ptsl.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/qlc.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ramdisk.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/random.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sad.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/scsa2usb.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sd.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sdt.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ses.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sgen.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/simnet.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/smbios.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/smp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/softmac.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/spdsock.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/srn.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/st.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/stmf.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/stmf_sbd.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sy.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sysevent.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/sysmsg.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/systrace.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/tcp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/tcp6.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/tl.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/tzmon.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/ucode.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/udp.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/udp6.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/uhci.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/usbftdi.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/usbser_edge.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/usbskel.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/vmxnet.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/vnic.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/vscan.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/wc.conf 0644 root sys
f kernel/drv/zfs.conf 0644 root sys
d kernel/dtrace 0755 root sys
d kernel/dtrace/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/dcpc 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/fasttrap 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/fbt 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/lockstat 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/profile 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/sdt 0755 root sys
f kernel/dtrace/amd64/systrace 0755 root sys
d kernel/exec 0755 root sys
d kernel/exec/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/exec/amd64/elfexec 0755 root sys
f kernel/exec/amd64/intpexec 0755 root sys
d kernel/fs 0755 root sys
d kernel/fs/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/autofs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/ctfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/dcfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/dev 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/devfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/fifofs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/hsfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/hyprlofs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/lofs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/lxprocfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/mntfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/namefs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/nfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/objfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/procfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/sharefs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/sockfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/specfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/tmpfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/ufs 0755 root sys
f kernel/fs/amd64/zfs 0755 root sys
d kernel/ipp 0755 root sys
d kernel/ipp/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/ipp/amd64/dlcosmk 0755 root sys
f kernel/ipp/amd64/dscpmk 0755 root sys
f kernel/ipp/amd64/flowacct 0755 root sys
f kernel/ipp/amd64/ipgpc 0755 root sys
f kernel/ipp/amd64/tokenmt 0755 root sys
f kernel/ipp/amd64/tswtclmt 0755 root sys
d kernel/kiconv 0755 root sys
d kernel/kiconv/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_emea 0755 root sys
f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_ja 0755 root sys
f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_ko 0755 root sys
f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_sc 0755 root sys
f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_tc 0755 root sys
d kernel/kmdb 0755 root sys
d kernel/kmdb/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/arp 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/cpc 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/cpu.generic 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD.15 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/crypto 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/emlxs 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/fctl 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/genunix 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/hook 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/idm 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ii 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ip 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ipc 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ipp 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/krtld 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/lofs 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/logindmux 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mac 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mdb_ds 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mpt 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mpt_sas 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mr_sas 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/nca 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/neti 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/nfs 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/nsctl 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ptm 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/qlc 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/random 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/rdc 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/s1394 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sata 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/scsi_vhci 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sctp 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sd 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sdbc 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sockfs 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/specfs 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sppp 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/srpt 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/stmf 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/stmf_sbd 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sv 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ufs 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/uhci 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/usba 0555 root sys
f kernel/kmdb/amd64/zfs 0555 root sys
d kernel/mac 0755 root sys
d kernel/mac/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_6to4 0755 root sys
f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ether 0755 root sys
f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ib 0755 root sys
f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ipv4 0755 root sys
f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ipv6 0755 root sys
f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_wifi 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/ac97 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/acpica 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/agpmaster 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/bignum 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/bootdev 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/busra 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/cmlb 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/consconfig 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/ctf 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/dadk 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/dcopy 0755 root sys
s kernel/misc/amd64/des=../../../kernel/crypto/amd64/des
f kernel/misc/amd64/dls 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/drm 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/fctl 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/fssnap_if 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/gda 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/gld 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/hidparser 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/hook 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/hpcsvc 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/hwa1480_fw 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/idm 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/idmap 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/iommulib 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/ipc 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/kbtrans 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/kcf 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/kgssapi 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/klmmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/klmops 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/kmdbmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/ksocket 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/mac 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/md5 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/mii 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/mwlfw 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/net80211 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/neti 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/nfs_dlboot 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/nfssrv 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/pci_autoconfig 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/pcicfg 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/pcie 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/pcihp 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/pcmcia 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/rpcsec 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/rpcsec_gss 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/rsmops 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/s1394 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/sata 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/sbp2 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/scsi 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/sda 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/sha1 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/sha2 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/strategy 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/strplumb 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/tem 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/tlimod 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/usba 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/usba10 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/usbs49_fw 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/amd64/usbser 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/kgss 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/kgss/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/kgss/amd64/kmech_krb5 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/pmcs 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/pmcs/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/pmcs/amd64/pmcs8001fw 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/qlc 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/qlc/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2200 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2300 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2400 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2500 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_6322 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_8100 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/scsi_vhci 0755 root sys
d kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_asym_emc 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_asym_lsi 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_asym_sun 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_sym 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_sym_emc 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_sym_hds 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_tape 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_tpgs 0755 root sys
f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_tpgs_tape 0755 root sys
d kernel/sched 0755 root sys
d kernel/sched/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/sched/amd64/SDC 0755 root sys
f kernel/sched/amd64/TS 0755 root sys
f kernel/sched/amd64/TS_DPTBL 0755 root sys
d kernel/socketmod 0755 root sys
d kernel/socketmod/amd64 0755 root sys
h kernel/socketmod/amd64/icmp=kernel/drv/amd64/icmp
f kernel/socketmod/amd64/ksslf 0755 root sys
f kernel/socketmod/amd64/rts 0755 root sys
f kernel/socketmod/amd64/sockrds 0755 root sys
f kernel/socketmod/amd64/socksctp 0755 root sys
f kernel/socketmod/amd64/socksdp 0755 root sys
h kernel/socketmod/amd64/tcp=kernel/drv/amd64/tcp
f kernel/socketmod/amd64/trill 0755 root sys
h kernel/socketmod/amd64/udp=kernel/drv/amd64/udp
d kernel/strmod 0755 root sys
d kernel/strmod/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/arp 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/bufmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/connld 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/dedump 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/drcompat 0755 root sys
h kernel/strmod/amd64/icmp=kernel/drv/amd64/icmp
f kernel/strmod/amd64/ip 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/ipsecah 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/ipsecesp 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/keysock 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/ldterm 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/nca 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/pckt 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/pfmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/pipemod 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/ptem 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/redirmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/rpcmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/sdpib 0755 root sys
h kernel/strmod/amd64/tcp=kernel/drv/amd64/tcp
f kernel/strmod/amd64/timod 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/tirdwr 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/ttcompat 0755 root sys
h kernel/strmod/amd64/udp=kernel/drv/amd64/udp
f kernel/strmod/amd64/usb_ah 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/usbkbm 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/usbms 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/usbwcm 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuid2ps2 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuid3ps2 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuidm3p 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuidm4p 0755 root sys
f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuidm5p 0755 root sys
d kernel/sys 0755 root sys
d kernel/sys/amd64 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/autofs 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/c2audit 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/doorfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/inst_sync 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/kaio 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/msgsys 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/nfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/pipe 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/portfs 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/pset 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/rpcmod 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/semsys 0755 root sys
f kernel/sys/amd64/shmsys 0755 root sys
d lib 0755 root bin
s lib/32=.
s lib/64=amd64
d lib/amd64 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
s lib/amd64/
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
s lib/amd64/
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
s lib/amd64/
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/amd64/
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
d lib/crypto 0755 root bin
s lib/crypto/32=.
s lib/crypto/64=amd64
d lib/crypto/amd64 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/amd64/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/ 0755 root bin
f lib/crypto/ 0755 root bin
d lib/fm 0755 root bin
d lib/fm/amd64 0755 root bin
f lib/fm/amd64/ 0755 root bin
s lib/fm/amd64/
f lib/fm/ 0755 root bin
s lib/fm/
d lib/fs 0755 root sys
d lib/fs/dev 0755 root sys
h lib/fs/dev/mount=etc/fs/dev/mount
d lib/fs/hsfs 0755 root sys
h lib/fs/hsfs/mount=etc/fs/hsfs/mount
d lib/fs/nfs 0755 root sys
h lib/fs/nfs/mount=etc/fs/nfs/mount
d lib/fs/ufs 0755 root sys
h lib/fs/ufs/mount=etc/fs/ufs/mount
d lib/fs/zfs 0755 root sys
h lib/fs/zfs/mount=etc/fs/zfs/mount
h lib/fs/zfs/umount=etc/fs/zfs/umount
d lib/inet 0755 root bin
f lib/inet/in.mpathd 0555 root bin
f lib/inet/ipmgmtd 0555 root bin
f lib/inet/netcfgd 0555 root bin
f lib/inet/nwamd 0555 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
s lib/
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
s lib/
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
s lib/
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
f lib/ 0755 root bin
s lib/
d lib/mpxio 0755 root bin
f lib/mpxio/stmsboot_util 0555 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
f lib/ 0755 root bin
d lib/secure 0755 root bin
s lib/secure/32=.
s lib/secure/64=amd64
d lib/secure/amd64 0755 root bin
d lib/svc 0755 root bin
d lib/svc/bin 0755 root bin
f lib/svc/bin/lsvcrun 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/bin/mfstscan 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/bin/restore_repository 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/bin/sqlite 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/bin/svc.configd 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/bin/svc.ipfd 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/bin/svc.startd 0555 root sys
d lib/svc/capture 0755 root bin
d lib/svc/manifest 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/application 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/application/security 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/device 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/milestone 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/multi-user-server.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/multi-user.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/name-services.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/network.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/single-user.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/sysconfig.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/bridge.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/dlmgmt.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/dns 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/dns/client.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/dns/install.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/dns/multicast.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ibd-post-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/inetd-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/inetd.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/ike.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/ipsecalgs.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/manual-key.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/policy.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/iscsi 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/iscsi/iscsi-initiator.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/iscsi/iscsi-target.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/isns_server.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/ldap 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ldap/client.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/lms.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/loadbalancer 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/loadbalancer/ilbd.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/login.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-initial.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-install.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-ipmgmt.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-ipqos.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-iptun.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-location.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-loopback.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-netmask.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-routing-setup.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-service.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/npiv_config.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/rarp.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/rexec.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/routing 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/legacy-routing.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/ndp.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/rdisc.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/ripng.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/route.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/rpc 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/rpc/bind.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/security 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/sendmail-client.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/shares 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/shares/group.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/shares/reparsed.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/shell.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/slp.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/network/smb 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/smb/client.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/smb/server.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/smtp-sendmail.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/ssh.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/time.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/network/vrrp.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/platform 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/platform/i86pc 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/platform/i86pc/acpihpd.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/platform/sun4u 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/platform/sun4v 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/site 0755 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/system 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/auditset.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/boot-archive-update.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/boot-archive.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/boot-config.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/consadm.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/cron.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/cryptosvc.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/system/device 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/device/allocate.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/device/devices-local.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/device/mpxio-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/dumpadm.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/early-manifest-import.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/extended-accounting.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/autofs.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/local-fs.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/root-fs.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/usr-fs.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/vscan.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/fmd.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/hostid.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/hotplug.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/system/ibsrp 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/ibsrp/target.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/identity.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/idmap.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/intrd.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/keymap.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/labeld.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/logadm-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/manifest-import.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/name-service-cache.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/ndmp.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/nws_ii.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/nws_rdc.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/nws_rdcsyncd.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/nws_scm.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/nws_sv.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/pfexecd.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/picl.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/poold.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/pools.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/power.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/rbac.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/rcap.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/resource-mgmt.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/rmtmpfiles.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/sac.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/sar.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/scheduler.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/system/security 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/stmf.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/manifest/system/svc 0755 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/svc/global.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/svc/restarter.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/sysevent.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/system-log.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/utmp.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/vtdaemon.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/zones.xml 0444 root sys
d lib/svc/method 0755 root bin
f lib/svc/method/boot-archive 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/boot-archive-update 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/devices-audio 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/devices-local 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/dns-install 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/fc-fabric 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/fs-local 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/fs-minimal 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/ibd-post-upgrade 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/identity-domain 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/inetd-upgrade 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/iscsi-initiator 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/iscsi-target 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/iscsid 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/keymap 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/ldap-client 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/logadm-upgrade 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/mpxio-upgrade 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-init 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-install 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-ipmgmt 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-ipqos 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-iptun 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-loc 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-loopback 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-netmask 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-routing-setup 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/net-svc 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/nfs-client 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/nfs-server 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/nlockmgr 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/npivconfig 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/rmtmpfiles 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/rpc-bind 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/sendmail-client 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/slp 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/smb-client 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/smtp-sendmail 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-acpihpd 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-allocate 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-auditd 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-auditset 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-autofs 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-boot-config 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-consadm 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-cron 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-dlmgmtd 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-dumpadm 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-fcoei 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-fcoet 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-forwarding 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-ftp 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-hostid 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-hotplug 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-ii 0744 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-intrd 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-labeld 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-legacy-routing 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-lms 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-ndmp 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-ndp 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-nscd 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-poold 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-pools 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-power 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-rbac 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-rdc 0744 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-rdcsyncd 0744 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-rdisc 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-resource-mgmt 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-ripng 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-route 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-scheduler 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-scm 0744 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-sockfilter 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-srpt 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-stmf 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-sv 0744 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-syseventd 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-tnd 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-utmpd 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/svc-vrrp 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-wusb 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/svc-zones 0555 root sys
f lib/svc/method/system-log 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/vtdaemon 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/yp 0555 root bin
d lib/svc/monitor 0755 root bin
d lib/svc/share 0755 root bin
f lib/svc/share/README 0444 root bin
f lib/svc/share/ 0444 root bin
f lib/svc/share/ 0444 root bin
f lib/svc/share/mfsthistory 0444 root bin
f lib/svc/share/ 0444 root bin
f lib/svc/share/ 0444 root bin
f lib/svc/share/ 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/share/ 0444 root bin
d mnt 0755 root sys
d opt 0755 root sys
d platform 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/amd64 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu.generic 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD.15 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.46 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu.generic 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD.15 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.46 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/amd64/consconfig_dacf 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/consconfig_dacf 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/drv 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/acpippm.conf 0644 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/acpinex 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/acpippm 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/amd_iommu 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/cpc 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/cpudrv 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/dr 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/fipe 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/ioat 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/isa 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/npe 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/pci 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/pci-ide 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/pit_beep 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/ppm 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/rootnex 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/xsvc 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd_iommu.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/cpc.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/dr.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/fipe.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/ioat.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/pci-ide.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/pit_beep.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/ppm.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/rootnex.conf 0644 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/xsvc.conf 0644 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/apix 0555 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/pcplusmp 0555 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/unix 0555 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/uppc 0555 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/mach 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64/apix 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64/pcplusmp 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64/uppc 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/misc 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/acpidev 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/cpr 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/drmach_acpi 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.15 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.5 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15 0755 root sys
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.23=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.26=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.28=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.29=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.30=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.31=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.37=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.44=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.46=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.47=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
d platform/i86pc/kernel/sys 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/kernel/sys/amd64 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/kernel/sys/amd64/cpc 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/multiboot 0755 root sys
d platform/i86pc/ucode 0755 root sys
f platform/i86pc/ucode/amd-ucode.bin 0444 root sys
f platform/i86pc/ucode/intel-ucode.txt 0444 root sys
d proc 0755 root root
d sbin 0755 root sys
f sbin/autopush 0555 root bin
f sbin/biosdev 0555 root bin
f sbin/bootadm 0555 root bin
f sbin/cryptoadm 0555 root bin
f sbin/devprop 0555 root bin
f sbin/dhcpagent 0555 root bin
f sbin/dhcpinfo 0555 root bin
f sbin/dladm 0555 root bin
f sbin/dlmgmtd 0555 root bin
f sbin/dlstat 0555 root bin
f sbin/fdisk 0555 root bin
f sbin/flowadm 0555 root bin
f sbin/flowstat 0555 root bin
f sbin/hostconfig 0555 root bin
f sbin/ibd_delete_link 0555 root bin
f sbin/ibd_upgrade 0555 root bin
f sbin/ifconfig 0555 root bin
f sbin/ifparse 0555 root bin
s sbin/in.mpathd=../lib/inet/in.mpathd
f sbin/init 0555 root sys
f sbin/installgrub 0555 root sys
f sbin/ipadm 0555 root bin
f sbin/ipmpstat 0555 root bin
s sbin/jsh=../usr/bin/ksh93
f sbin/mount 0555 root bin
f sbin/mountall 0555 root sys
f sbin/netstrategy 0555 root bin
s sbin/pfsh=../usr/bin/pfexec
f sbin/rc0 0744 root sys
f sbin/rc1 0744 root sys
f sbin/rc2 0744 root sys
f sbin/rc3 0744 root sys
h sbin/rc5=sbin/rc0
h sbin/rc6=sbin/rc0
f sbin/rcS 0744 root sys
f sbin/route 0555 root bin
f sbin/routeadm 0555 root bin
s sbin/sh=../usr/bin/i86/ksh93
f sbin/soconfig 0555 root bin
f sbin/su.static 0555 root sys
s sbin/su=../usr/bin/su
f sbin/sulogin 0555 root bin
f sbin/svcadm 0555 root bin
f sbin/swapadd 0744 root sys
f sbin/sync 0555 root bin
f sbin/tzreload 0555 root bin
f sbin/uadmin 0555 root sys
f sbin/umount 0555 root bin
f sbin/umountall 0555 root sys
f sbin/uname 0555 root bin
f sbin/wusbadm 0555 root bin
f sbin/zfs 0555 root bin
f sbin/zonename 0555 root bin
f sbin/zpool 0555 root bin
d system 0755 root root
d system/contract 0555 root root
d system/object 0555 root root
d tmp 1777 root root
d usr 0755 root sys
s usr/adm=../var/adm
d usr/ast 0755 root bin
d usr/ast/bin 0755 root bin
f usr/ast/bin/msgcc 0555 root bin
f usr/ast/bin/msggen 0555 root bin
f usr/ast/bin/msgget 0555 root bin
f usr/ast/bin/msgcpp 0555 root bin
f usr/ast/bin/msgcvt 0555 root bin
d usr/bin 0755 root bin
h usr/bin/[=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/addbadsec 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/alias 0555 root bin
d usr/bin/amd64 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/amt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/cputrack 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/crle 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/amd64/decrypt=usr/bin/amd64/encrypt
h usr/bin/amd64/digest=usr/bin/amd64/mac
f usr/bin/amd64/elfwrap 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/encrypt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/gcore 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ksh93 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/amd64/ksh=usr/bin/amd64/ksh93
f usr/bin/amd64/ld 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ldd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ls 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/mac 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/mcs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/mdb 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/moe 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/newtask 4555 root sys
f usr/bin/amd64/nohup 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pargs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pcred 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pfiles 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pflags 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pldd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/plgrp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/plimit 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pmadvise 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pmap 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ppgsz 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ppriv 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/prctl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/preap 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/prstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/prun 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ps 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/psig 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pstack 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pstop 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ptime 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/ptree 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pvs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pwait 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/pwdx 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/amd64/rksh93=usr/bin/amd64/ksh93
h usr/bin/amd64/rksh=usr/bin/amd64/ksh93
f usr/bin/amd64/savecore 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/setuname 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/sort 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/strings 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/amd64/truss 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/amd64/uptime=usr/bin/amd64/w
f usr/bin/amd64/w 4555 root bin
f usr/bin/amt 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/apropos=usr/bin/man
f usr/bin/ar 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/arch 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/arcstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/asa 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/at 4755 root sys
f usr/bin/atq 4755 root sys
f usr/bin/atrm 4755 root sys
f usr/bin/auths 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/awk 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/banner 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/bart 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/basename 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/batch 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/bc 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/bdiff 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/bfs 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/bg=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/busstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/cal 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/calendar 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/captoinfo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/cat 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/catman=usr/bin/man
h usr/bin/cd=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/checkeq 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/checknr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/chgrp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/chkey 4555 root sys
f usr/bin/chmod 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/chown 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckdate 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckgid 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckint 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckitem 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckkeywd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckpath 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckrange 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckstr 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/cksum=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/cktime 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckuid 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ckyorn 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/clear 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/cmp=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/col 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/comm=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/command=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/compress 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/coreadm 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/cp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/cpio 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/cputrack=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/crle 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/crontab 4555 root bin
f usr/bin/crypt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/csh 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/csplit 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ctags 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ctrun 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ctstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ctwatch 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/cut=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/date 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dc 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dd 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/decrypt=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/deroff 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/devattr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/devfree 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/devreserv 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/df=../sbin/df
f usr/bin/diff 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/diff3 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/diffmk 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/digest=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/dircmp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dirname 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dis 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/diskscan 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/dispgid=usr/bin/ckgid
h usr/bin/dispuid=usr/bin/ckuid
s usr/bin/dmesg=../sbin/dmesg
f usr/bin/dns-sd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/domainname 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dos2unix 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/du 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dump 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dumpcs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/dumpkeys 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/echo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ed 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/edit 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/egrep 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/eject 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/elfdump 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/elfsign 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/elfwrap 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/encrypt=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/enhance 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/env 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/eqn 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/expand 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/expr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/exstr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/factor 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/false 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/fc=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/fdetach 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/fdformat 4555 root bin
h usr/bin/fg=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/fgrep 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/file 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/filesync 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/find 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/fmt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/fmtmsg 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/fold 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/fsstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ftp 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/gcore=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/gencat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/geniconvtbl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/genmsg 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getconf 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getdev 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getdgrp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getent 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getfacl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getopt 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/getopts=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/gettext 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/gettxt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/getvol 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/grep 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/groups 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/hash=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/head 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/hostid 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/hostname 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/i286=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/i386=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/i486=usr/bin/sun
d usr/bin/i86 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/amt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/cputrack 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/i86/decrypt=usr/bin/i86/encrypt
h usr/bin/i86/digest=usr/bin/i86/mac
f usr/bin/i86/encrypt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/gcore 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/ksh93 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/i86/ksh=usr/bin/i86/ksh93
f usr/bin/i86/mac 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/mdb 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/newtask 4555 root sys
f usr/bin/i86/nohup 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pargs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pcred 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pfiles 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pflags 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pldd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/plgrp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/plimit 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pmadvise 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pmap 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/ppgsz 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/ppriv 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/prctl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/preap 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/prstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/prun 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/ps 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/psig 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pstack 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pstop 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/ptime 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/ptree 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pwait 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/pwdx 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/i86/rksh93=usr/bin/i86/ksh93
h usr/bin/i86/rksh=usr/bin/i86/ksh93
f usr/bin/i86/savecore 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/setuname 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/sort 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/strings 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/i86/truss 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/i86/uptime=usr/bin/i86/w
f usr/bin/i86/w 4555 root bin
h usr/bin/i86pc=usr/bin/sun
f usr/bin/iconv 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/id 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/infocmp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ipcs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ipcrm 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/iostat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/isainfo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/isalist 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/jobs=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/join=usr/bin/alias
s usr/bin/jsh=ksh93
f usr/bin/kbd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/kdestroy 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/keylogin 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/keylogout 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/kill=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/kinit 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/klist 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/kmfcfg 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/kpasswd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/krb5-config 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/ksh93=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/ksh=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/kstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ktutil 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/kvmstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/last 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/lastcomm 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ld 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/ldapadd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ldapdelete 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ldaplist 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/ldapmodify=usr/bin/ldapadd
f usr/bin/ldapmodrdn 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ldapsearch 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ldd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/lgrpinfo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/line 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/listdgrp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/listusers 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/ln=usr/bin/cp
f usr/bin/loadkeys 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/locale 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/logger 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/login 4555 root bin
f usr/bin/logins 0750 root bin
h usr/bin/logname=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/look 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/lorder 0555 root bin
# We want ls to be the 32bit binary (not a link to isaexec) so we don't blow
# out memory sorting entries - we just die if we need too much memory. This
# also matches the setup on a stock solaris box.
f usr/bin/ls 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/m4 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/m68k 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/mac=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/mach 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mail 2511 root mail
f usr/bin/mailx 2511 root mail
f usr/bin/makedev 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/man 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mcs 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/mdb=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/mesg 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mkdir 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mkfifo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mkmsgs 0555 root root
f usr/bin/mkpwdict 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mktemp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/moe 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/more 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mpstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/msgfmt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/mt 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/mv=usr/bin/cp
f usr/bin/nawk 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/nc 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/neqn 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/netstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/newform 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/newgrp 4755 root sys
f usr/bin/news 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/newtask=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/nfsstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/nice 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/nl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/nm 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/nohup=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/nroff 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/oawk=usr/bin/awk
f usr/bin/od 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/on 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/optisa 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pack 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/page=usr/bin/more
f usr/bin/pagesize 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/pargs=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/passwd 6555 root sys
h usr/bin/paste=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/pathchk 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pax 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/pcat=unpack
h usr/bin/pcred=usr/lib/isaexec
s usr/bin/perl=/opt/local/bin/perl
h usr/bin/pfbash=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pfcsh=usr/bin/pfexec
f usr/bin/pfexec 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/pfiles=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/pfksh93=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pfksh=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pflags=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/pfrksh93=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pfrksh=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pfsh=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pftcsh=usr/bin/pfexec
h usr/bin/pfzsh=usr/bin/pfexec
f usr/bin/pg 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pginfo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pgrep 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pgstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pkgtrans 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/pkill=usr/bin/pgrep
f usr/bin/pktool 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/pldd=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/plgrp=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/plimit=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/pmadvise=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/pmap=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/poolstat 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/ppgsz=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/ppriv=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/pr 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/prctl=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/preap=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/print=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/printf 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/priocntl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/profiles 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/projects 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/prstat=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/prun=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/ps=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/psig=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/pstack=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/pstop=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/ptime=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/ptree=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/putdev 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/putdgrp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/pvs 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/pwait=usr/lib/isaexec
s usr/bin/pwconv=../sbin/pwconv
f usr/bin/pwd 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/pwdx=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/rcapstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rcp 4555 root bin
f usr/bin/rdate 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rdist 4555 root bin
h usr/bin/read=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/red 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/refer 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/regcmp 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/remsh=rsh
f usr/bin/renice 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/rev=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/rksh93=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/rksh=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/rlogin 4555 root bin
f usr/bin/rm 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/rmail=mail
f usr/bin/rmdir 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rmformat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/roles 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rpcinfo 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rsh 4555 root bin
f usr/bin/runat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rup 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ruptime 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/rusers 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/savecore=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/scp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/script 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/sdiff 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/sed 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/setfacl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/setpgrp 0555 root sys
h usr/bin/settime=usr/bin/touch
h usr/bin/setuname=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/sftp 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/sh=ksh93
f usr/bin/shcomp 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/size 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/sleep=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/smbutil 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/soelim 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/sort=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/sotruss 0755 root bin
h usr/bin/sparc=usr/bin/sun
f usr/bin/spell 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/split 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/srchtxt 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ssh 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ssh-add 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ssh-agent 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ssh-keygen 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ssh-keyscan 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/strace=../sbin/strace
f usr/bin/strchg 0555 root root
s usr/bin/strclean=../sbin/strclean
f usr/bin/strconf 0555 root root
s usr/bin/strerr=../sbin/strerr
h usr/bin/strings=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/strip 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/stty 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/su 4555 root sys
h usr/bin/sum=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/sun 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/sun2=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun3=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun3x=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun4=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun4c=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun4d=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun4e=usr/bin/sun
h usr/bin/sun4m=usr/bin/sun
f usr/bin/svcprop 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/svcs 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/sync=../../sbin/sync
f usr/bin/ta 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tabs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tail 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/tar=../sbin/tar
f usr/bin/tbl 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tcopy 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/tee=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/telnet 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/test=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/tic 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/time 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/timex 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tip 4511 uucp bin
f usr/bin/touch 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tput 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/troff 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/true 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/truss=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/tsort 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/tty 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/type=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/tzselect 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ul 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/ulimit=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/umask=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/unalias=usr/bin/alias
s usr/bin/uname=../../sbin/uname
f usr/bin/uncompress 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/unexpand 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/uniq=usr/bin/alias
f usr/bin/units 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/unix2dos 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/unpack 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/uptime=usr/lib/isaexec
f usr/bin/userattr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/uudecode 0555 root uucp
f usr/bin/uuencode 0555 root uucp
h usr/bin/vedit=usr/bin/edit
f usr/bin/vfsstat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/vgrind 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/vmstat 0555 root bin
h usr/bin/w=usr/lib/isaexec
h usr/bin/wait=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/wc=usr/bin/alias
h usr/bin/whatis=usr/bin/man
f usr/bin/which 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/who 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/whocalls 0755 root bin
f usr/bin/whois 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/wracct 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/write 2555 root tty
s usr/bin/wtf=man
f usr/bin/xargs 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/xgettext 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/xstr 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/yes 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ypcat 0555 root other
f usr/bin/ypmatch 0555 root other
f usr/bin/yppasswd 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ypwhich 0555 root other
f usr/bin/zcat 0555 root bin
f usr/bin/ziostat 0555 root bin
s usr/bin/zonename=../../sbin/zonename
d usr/ccs 0755 root bin
d usr/ccs/bin 0755 root bin
d usr/ccs/bin/amd64 0755 root bin
s usr/ccs/bin/amd64/ld=../../../bin/amd64/ld
s usr/ccs/bin/ar=../../bin/ar
s usr/ccs/bin/ld=../../bin/ld
s usr/ccs/bin/m4=../../bin/m4
s usr/ccs/bin/regcmp=../../bin/regcmp
d usr/ccs/lib 0755 root bin
d usr/ccs/lib/amd64 0755 root bin
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/
s usr/ccs/lib/link_audit=../../lib/link_audit
s usr/dict=share/lib/dict
d usr/gnu 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/bin 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/lib 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/share 0755 root sys
d usr/gnu/share/man 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/share/man/man1 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/share/man/man3 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/share/man/man5 0755 root bin
d usr/gnu/share/man/man7 0755 root bin
d usr/include 0755 root bin
f usr/include/aclutils.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/aio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/alloca.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/amd64 0755 root bin
d usr/include/amd64/sys 0755 root bin
f usr/include/amd64/sys/kdi_regs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/amd64/sys/privmregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/amd64/sys/privregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/apptrace.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/apptrace_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/archives.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/arpa 0755 root bin
f usr/include/arpa/ftp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/arpa/inet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/arpa/nameser.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/arpa/nameser_compat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/arpa/telnet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/arpa/tftp.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/asm 0755 root bin
f usr/include/asm/atomic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/bitmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/byteorder.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/clock.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/cpu.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/cpuvar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/htable.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/mmu.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/sunddi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/asm/thread.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/assert.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ast 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ast/align.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_botch.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_ccode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_dir.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_dirent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_fcntl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_float.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_fs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_getopt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_iconv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_lib.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_limits.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_map.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_mmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_mode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_namval.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_ndbm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_nl_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_param.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_standards.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_std.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_stdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_sys.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_time.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_tty.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_version.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_vfork.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_wait.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_wchar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ast_windows.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/bytesex.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ccode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/cdt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/cmd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/cmdext.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/debug.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/dirent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/dlldefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/dt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/endian.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/error.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/find.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/fnmatch.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/fnv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/fs3d.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/fts.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ftw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ftwalk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/getopt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/glob.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/hash.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/hashkey.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/hashpart.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/history.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/iconv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ip6.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/lc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ls.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/magic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/magicid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/mc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/mime.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/mnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/modecanon.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/modex.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/namval.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/nl_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/nval.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/option.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/pp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/ppkey.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/preroot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/proc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/prototyped.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/re_comp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/recfmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/regex.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/regexp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/sfdisc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/sfio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/sfio_s.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/sfio_t.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/shcmd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/shell.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/sig.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/stack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/stak.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/stdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/stk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/sum.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/swap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/tar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/times.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/tm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/tmx.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/tok.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/tv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/usage.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/vdb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/vecargs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/vmalloc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/wait.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/wchar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ast/wordexp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/atomic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/attr.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/audio 0755 root bin
f usr/include/audio/au.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/auth_attr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/auth_list.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/boot_http.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bootinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bootlog.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/bsm 0755 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/adt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/adt_event.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit_door_infc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit_kernel.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit_kevents.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit_private.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit_record.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/audit_uevents.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/devalloc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/devices.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/bsm/libbsm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/config_admin.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/cpio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/crypt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/cryptoutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ctype.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/curses.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/dat 0755 root bin
f usr/include/dat/dat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/dat_error.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/dat_platform_specific.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/dat_redirection.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/dat_registry.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/dat_vendor_specific.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/udat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/udat_config.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/udat_redirection.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dat/udat_vendor_specific.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/deflt.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/des 0755 root bin
f usr/include/des/des.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/des/desdata.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/des/softdes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/device_info.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/devid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/devmgmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/devpoll.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_hostconf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_inittab.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_stable.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_svc_confkey.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_svc_confopt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_svc_private.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_svc_public.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_symbol.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcp_symbol_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcpagent_ipc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcpagent_util.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dhcpmsg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dial.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/directory.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dirent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dlfcn.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dns_sd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/door.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/dtrace.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/elf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/err.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/errfp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/errno.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/eti.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/euc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/exacct.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/exacct_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/exec_attr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/execinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fatal.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fcntl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/float.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/fm 0755 root bin
f usr/include/fm/diagcode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_adm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_agent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_api.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_fmri.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_log.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_msg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/fmd_snmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/libdiskstatus.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/libfmevent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/libfmevent_ruleset.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/libseslog.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/libtopo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/topo_hc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/topo_list.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/topo_method.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fm/topo_mod.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fmtmsg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/fnmatch.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/form.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ftw.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/fwflash 0755 root bin
f usr/include/fwflash/fwflash.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/gelf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/getopt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/getwidth.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/getxby_door.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/glob.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/grp.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/gssapi 0755 root bin
f usr/include/gssapi/gssapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/gssapi/gssapi_ext.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/hbaapi.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ia32 0755 root bin
d usr/include/ia32/sys 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/asm_linkage.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/kdi_regs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/machtypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/privmregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/privregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/psw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/pte.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/reg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/stack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/trap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ia32/sys/traptrace.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iconv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/idmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ieeefp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ifaddrs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ikedoor.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ima.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/inet 0755 root bin
f usr/include/inet/arp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip2mac.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip2mac_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip6.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip6_asp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_arp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_ftable.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_if.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_ire.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_multi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_ndp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_netinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_rts.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ip_stack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipclassifier.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipdrop.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipnet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipp_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipsec_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipsec_info.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipsecah.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/ipsecesp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/iptun.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/keysock.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/inet/kssl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/inet/kssl/kssl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/kssl/ksslapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/kssl/ksslimpl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/kssl/ksslproto.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/led.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/mi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/mib2.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/inet/nca 0755 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nca/nca.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nca/ncadoorhdr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nca/ncaio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nca/ncakmem.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nca/ncalogd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nca/ncandd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/nd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/optcom.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/rawip_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/sadb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/sctp_itf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/snmpcom.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/tcp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/tcp_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/tcp_sack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/tcp_stack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/tcp_stats.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/tunables.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/udp_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inet/wifi_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inetsvc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/instzones_api.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/inttypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipadm_ipmgmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipadm_ndpd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipmp_admin.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipmp_mpathd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipmp_query.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipmp_query_impl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ipp 0755 root bin
d usr/include/ipp/dlcosmk 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/dlcosmk/dlcosmk.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ipp/dscpmk 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/dscpmk/dscpmk.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ipp/flowacct 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/flowacct/flowacct.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ipp/ipgpc 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/ipgpc/ipgpc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/ipp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/ipp_config.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/ipp_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/ippctl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/ipp/meters 0755 root bin
f usr/include/ipp/meters/meter.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ipsec_util.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/iso 0755 root bin
s usr/include/iso/assert_iso.h=../assert.h
f usr/include/iso/ctype_c99.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/ctype_iso.h 0644 root bin
s usr/include/iso/errno_iso.h=../errno.h
s usr/include/iso/float_iso.h=../float.h
s usr/include/iso/iso646_iso.h=../iso646.h
f usr/include/iso/limits_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/locale_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/setjmp_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/signal_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stdarg_c99.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stdarg_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stddef_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stdio_c99.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stdio_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stdlib_c99.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/stdlib_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/string_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/time_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/wchar_c99.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/wchar_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/wctype_c99.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso/wctype_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/iso646.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/kerberosv5 0755 root bin
f usr/include/kerberosv5/com_err.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kerberosv5/krb5.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kerberosv5/mit-sipb-copyright.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kerberosv5/mit_copyright.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/klpd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kmfapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kmftypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/kvm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/langinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/lastlog.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/lber.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ldap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libbe.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libbe_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libbrand.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libcmdutils.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libcontract.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libcontract_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libcpc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libctf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdevice.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdevinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdisasm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdiskmgt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdladm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdladm_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlaggr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlbridge.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlether.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlflow.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlflow_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlib.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdliptun.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdllink.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlmgmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlpi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlsim.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlvlan.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlvnic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlwlan.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libdlwlan_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libelf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libelfsign.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libfcoe.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libfdisk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libfstyp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libfstyp_module.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libgen.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libgrubmgmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libilb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libinetutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libintl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libipadm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libipd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libipmi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libipp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libiscsit.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libmail.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/libmilter 0755 root bin
f usr/include/libmilter/README 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libmilter/mfapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libmilter/mfdef.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libndmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libnvpair.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libnwam.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libnwam_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libpctx.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libproc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/librcm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/librcm_event.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/librcm_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/librestart.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/librestart_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libscf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libscf_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libshare.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libshare_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libsocket_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libsrpt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libstmf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libstmfproxy.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libsun_ima.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libsysevent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libsysevent_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libtecla.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libuutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libuutil_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libvrrpadm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libvscan.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_dataset.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_disk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_diskmgt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_ipool.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_main.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_pool.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_property.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzfs_jni_util.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzonecfg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/libzoneinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/limits.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/linenum.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/link.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/listen.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/locale.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/macros.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/maillock.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/malloc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/md4.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/md5.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mdiox.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mdmn_changelog.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/memory.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/menu.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mhdx.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mon.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/monetary.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mpapi-sun.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mpapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mqueue.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/mtmalloc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nan.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ndbm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ndpd.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/net 0755 root bin
f usr/include/net/af.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/bpf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/bpfdesc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/bridge.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/bridge_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/dlt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/if.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/if_arp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/if_dl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/if_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/pfkeyv2.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/pfpolicy.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/ppp-comp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/ppp_defs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/pppio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/pppoe.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/radix.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/route.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/simnet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/sppptun.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/trill.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/vjcompress.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/net/wpa.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netboot_paths.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netconfig.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netdb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netdir.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/netinet 0755 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/arp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/dhcp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/dhcp6.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/icmp6.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/icmp_var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/igmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/igmp_var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/in.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/in_pcb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/in_systm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/in_var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/inetutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip6.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_auth.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_compat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_fil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_frag.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_htable.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_icmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_lookup.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_mroute.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_nat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_pool.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_proxy.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_state.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ip_var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ipf_stack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/ipl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/pim.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/sctp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcp_debug.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcp_fsm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcp_seq.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcp_timer.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcp_var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/tcpip.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/udp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/udp_var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netinet/vrrp.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/netpacket 0755 root bin
f usr/include/netpacket/packet.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/netsmb 0755 root bin
f usr/include/netsmb/smbfs_acl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/netsmb/smbfs_api.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/nfs 0755 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/auth.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/export.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/lm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/mapid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/mount.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs4.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_attr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_clnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_db_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_idmap_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_kprot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs_acl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs_clnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs_cmd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs_log.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfs_sec.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfsid_map.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/nfssys.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/rnode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nfs/rnode4.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nl_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nlist.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/note.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nsctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nss.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nss_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nss_dbdefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nss_netdir.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nsswitch.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/nvfru.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/ofmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/p12access.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/p12aux.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/p12err.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/panel.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parseURL.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/parted 0755 root bin
f usr/include/parted/constraint.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/crc32.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/debug.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/device.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/disk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/endian.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/exception.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/filesys.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/geom.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/natmath.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/parted.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/solaris.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/timer.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/parted/unit.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/passwdutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pcsample.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pfmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/picl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/picltree.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pkgdev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pkginfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pkglocs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pkgstrct.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pkgtrans.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/poll.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pool.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/port.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/priv_utils.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/proc_service.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/procfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/prof.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/prof_attr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/project.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/protocols 0755 root bin
f usr/include/protocols/dumprestore.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/protocols/ripngd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/protocols/routed.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/protocols/rwhod.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/protocols/timed.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pthread.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/pwd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/raidcfg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/raidcfg_spi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rcm_module.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/re_comp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/regex.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/regexp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/regexpr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/resolv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rje.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rp_plugin.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/rpc 0755 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/auth.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/auth_des.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/auth_sys.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/auth_unix.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/bootparam.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/clnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/clnt_soc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/clnt_stat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/des_crypt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/key_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/nettype.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/pmap_clnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/pmap_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/pmap_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/pmap_rmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/raw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpc_com.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpc_msg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpc_rdma.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpc_sztypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpcb_clnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpcb_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpcb_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpcent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpcsec_gss.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/rpcsys.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/svc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/svc_auth.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/svc_mt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/svc_soc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpc/xdr.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/rpcsvc 0755 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/autofs_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/autofs_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/bootparam.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/bootparam_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/bootparam_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/daemon_utils.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/dbm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/idmap_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/idmap_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/key_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs4_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs4_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_acl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_acl.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis_db.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis_object.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nislib.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nlm_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nlm_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nsm_addr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/nsm_addr.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rex.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rex.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rpc_sztypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rpc_sztypes.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rstat.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rusers.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rusers.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rwall.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/rwall.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/sm_inter.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/sm_inter.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/spray.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/spray.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/svc_dg_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/ufs_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/ufs_prot.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/yp.x 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/yp_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/ypclnt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/yppasswd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rpcsvc/ypupd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rsmapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/rtld_db.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/s_string.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sac.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sasl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sasl/prop.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sasl/sasl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sasl/saslplug.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sasl/saslutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scfutil.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sched.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/schedctl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/scsi 0755 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/libscsi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/libses.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/libses_plugin.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/libsmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/libsmp_plugin.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins 0755 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses 0755 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework 0755 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/libses.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/ses2.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/ses2_impl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor 0755 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor/sun.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor/sun_impl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins/smp 0755 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins/smp/engine 0755 root bin
d usr/include/scsi/plugins/smp/framework 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sdp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sdssc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/search.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/secdb.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/security 0755 root bin
f usr/include/security/auditd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/cryptoki.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/pam_appl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/pam_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/pam_modules.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/pkcs11.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/pkcs11f.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/security/pkcs11t.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/semaphore.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/setjmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sgtty.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sha1.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sha2.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/shadow.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sharefs 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sharefs/share.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sharefs/sharefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sharefs/sharetab.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/siginfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/signal.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sip.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/slp.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/smb 0755 root bin
f usr/include/smb/doserror.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smb/lmerr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smb/nterror.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smb/ntstatus.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbios.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/smbsrv 0755 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/alloc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/cp_unicode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/cp_usascii.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/hash_table.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/libmlrpc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/libmlsvc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/libsmb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/libsmbns.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/mac_cifs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/mailslot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/mbuf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/msgbuf.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/smbsrv/ndl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/dssetup.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/eventlog.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/llsrpc.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/lsarpc.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/msgsvc.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/ndrtypes.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/netdfs.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/netlogon.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/rpcpdu.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/samrpc.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/security.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/spoolss.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/srvsvc.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/svcctl.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/winreg.ndl 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ndr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/netbios.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/netrauth.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/nmpipes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ntaccess.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ntifs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/ntlocale.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_dfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_door.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_fsops.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_idmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_inet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_kproto.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_kstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_ktypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_privilege.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_share.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_sid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_token.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_vops.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_xdr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/smbinfo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/string.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/svrapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/winioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/winsvc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smbsrv/wintypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/smhbaapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/spawn.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sqlite 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sqlite/sqlite-misc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sqlite/sqlite.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stack_unwind.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdarg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdbool.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stddef.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdint.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdio_ext.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdio_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdio_tag.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stdlib.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/storclass.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stp_bpdu.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stp_in.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stp_vectors.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/string.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/strings.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/stropts.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/syms.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/synch.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys 0755 root bin
d usr/include/sys/1394 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/cmd1394.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/id1394.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/ieee1212.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/ieee1394.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/ixl1394.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/s1394_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/1394/t1394.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/acct.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/acctctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/acl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/acl_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/acpi_drv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/aggr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/aggr_impl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/agp 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/agp/agpamd64gart_io.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/agp/agpdefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/agp/agpgart_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/agp/agpmaster_io.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/agp/agptarget_io.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/agpgart.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/aio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/aio_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/aio_req.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/aiocb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/archsystm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ascii.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/asm_linkage.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/asy.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/asynch.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/atomic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/attr.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/audio 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audio/ac97.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audio/audio_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audio/audio_driver.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audio/audio_oss.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audio/g711.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/audioio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/autoconf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/auxv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/auxv_386.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/auxv_SPARC.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/av 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/av/iec61883.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/avintr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/avl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/avl_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bitmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bitset.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/blkdev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bofi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bofi_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bootconf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bootregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bootstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bootsvcs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bpp_io.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/brand.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/buf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bufmod.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/bustypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/byteorder.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/callb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/callo.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cap_util.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ccompile.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cis.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cis_handlers.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cis_protos.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cladm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/class.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/clconf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/clock_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cmlb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cmn_err.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/compress.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/condvar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/condvar_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/conf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/consdev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/console.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/consplat.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/contract 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/contract.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/contract/device.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/contract/device_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/contract/process.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/contract/process_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/contract_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/controlregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/copyops.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/core.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/corectl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpc_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpc_pcbe.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpu.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpucaps.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpucaps_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpupart.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cpuvar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crc32.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cred.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cred_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crtctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cryptmod.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/crypto 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/api.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/elfsign.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/ioctladmin.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/ops_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/sched_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/crypto/spi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cs_priv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cs_strings.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cs_stubs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cs_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/csiioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ctf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ctf_api.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ctfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ctfs_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ctype.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cyclic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/cyclic_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dacf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dacf_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/damap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/damap_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dc_ki.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/dcam 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dcam/dcam1394_io.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_hp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_hp_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_impldefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_implfuncs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_intr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_intr_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_isa.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_obsolete.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddi_timer.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddidevmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddidmareq.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddifm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddifm_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddimapreq.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ddipropdefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dditypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/debug.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/debugreg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/des.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devcache.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devcache_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devfm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devid_cache.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devinfo_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devops.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devpolicy.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/devpoll.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dirent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/disp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dkbad.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dkio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dklabel.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/dktp 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/altsctr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/bbh.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/cm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/cmdev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/cmdk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/cmpkt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/controller.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/dadev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/dadk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/dadkio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/fctypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/fdisk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/flowctrl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/gda.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/quetypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/queue.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/tgcom.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dktp/tgdk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dld.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dld_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dld_ioc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dlpi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dls.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dls_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dls_mgmt.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dma_engine.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dma_i8237A.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dnlc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/door.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/door_data.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/door_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dtrace.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dtrace_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dumpadm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/dumphdr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ecppio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ecppreg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ecppsys.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ecppvar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/efi_partition.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/elf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/elf_386.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/elf_SPARC.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/elf_amd64.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/elf_notes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/elftypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/emul64.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/emul64cmd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/emul64var.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/epm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/errno.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/errorq.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/errorq_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/esunddi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ethernet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/euc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/eucioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/exacct.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/exacct_catalog.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/exacct_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/exec.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/exechdr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/extdirent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fasttrap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fasttrap_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fasttrap_isa.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fault.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fbio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fbuf.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fc4 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fc_transport.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcal.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcal_linkapp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcal_transport.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fc4/linkapp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fcntl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fct.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fct_defines.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fctio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fd_debug.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fdbuffer.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fdc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fdmedia.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/feature_tests.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fem.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fibre-channel 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fc_appif.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fc_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fcio.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/impl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/impl/fc_error.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/impl/fcph.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ulp 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ulp/fcp_util.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ulp/fcsm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/file.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/filio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/flock.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/flock_impl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fm 0755 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fm/cpu 0755 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fm/fs 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/fs/zfs.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fm/io 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/io/ddi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/io/disk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/io/opl_mc_fm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/io/pci.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/io/scsi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/io/sun4upci.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/protocol.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fm/util.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fork.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/frame.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/fs 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/autofs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_dir.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_dlog.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_filegrp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_fs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_fscache.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/cachefs_log.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/decomp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/dv_node.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/fifonode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_isospec.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_node.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_rrip.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_spec.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_susp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hyprlofs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/hyprlofs_info.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/lofs_info.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/lofs_node.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/mntdata.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/namenode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_dir.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_fs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_label.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_node.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/pxfs_ki.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/sdev_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/snode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/swapnode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/tmp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/tmpnode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/udf_inode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/udf_volume.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_acl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_bio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_filio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_fs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_fsdir.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_inode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_lockfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_log.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_mount.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_panic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_quota.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_snap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_trans.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/zfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs/zut.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs_reparse.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fs_subr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fsid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fss.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fssnap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fssnap_if.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fsspriocntl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fstyp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ftrace.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fx.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/fxpriocntl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/gfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/gld.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/gldpriv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/group.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hook.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hook_event.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hook_impl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/hotplug 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hotplug/hpcsvc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hotplug/hpctrl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/hotplug/pci 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hotplug/pci/pcicfg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hotplug/pci/pcihp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hwconf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/hypervisor.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/i8272A.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ia.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iapriocntl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib 0755 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/adapters 0755 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/hermon 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/hermon/hermon_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/mlnx_umap.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/tavor 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/tavor/tavor_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients 0755 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/ibd 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/ibd/ibd.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/ofa_solaris.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/ofed_kernel.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_addr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_user_mad.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_user_sa.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_user_verbs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_verbs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/rdma_cm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/rdma_user_cm.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_cma.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_ib_cma.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_kverb_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_ofs_common.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ucma 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ucma/sol_rdma_user_cm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ucma/sol_ucma.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_umad 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_umad/sol_umad.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs2ucma.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_comp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_event.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_hca.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_qp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ib_pkt_hdrs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ib_types.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/ibnex 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibnex/ibnex_devctl.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibci.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibti.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibti_cm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibti_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibtl_ci_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibtl_status.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibtl_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibvti.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/impl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/impl/ibtl_util.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/mgt 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ib_dm_attr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ib_mad.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf_msg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf_saa.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf_utils.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/sa_recs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/sm_attr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ibpart.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/id32.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/id_space.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/idm 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idm/idm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_conn_sm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_so.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_text.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_transport.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/idmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/inline.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/instance.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/int_const.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/int_fmtio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/int_limits.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/int_types.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/inttypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ioccom.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iommulib.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ipc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ipc_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ipc_rctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ipmi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/isa_defs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsi_authclient.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsi_authclientglue.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsi_protocol.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/iscsit 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsit/chap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsit/iscsi_if.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsit/iscsit_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsit/isns_protocol.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsit/radius_packet.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iscsit/radius_protocol.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/iso 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/iso/signal_iso.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/jioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kbd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kbdreg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kbio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kcpc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kdi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kdi_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kdi_machimpl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kdi_regs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_big5_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_cck_common.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_cp950hkscs_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_emea1.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_emea2.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_euckr_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_euctw_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_gb18030_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_gb2312_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_hkscs_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ja.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ja_jis_to_unicode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ja_unicode_to_jis.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ko.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_latin1.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_sc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_tc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_uhc_utf8.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_big5.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_cp950hkscs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_euckr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_euctw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_gb18030.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_gb2312.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_hkscs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_uhc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kidmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/klpd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/klwp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kmdb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kmem.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kmem_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kobj.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kobj_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ksocket.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/kstr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ksyms.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ksynch.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lc_core.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ldterm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lgrp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lgrp_user.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/libc_kernel.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/libdevid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/link.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/list.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/list_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/llc1.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/loadavg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/localedef.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lock.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lockfs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lockstat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lofi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/log.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/logindmux.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/logindmux_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lpif.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/lvm 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_basic.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_convert.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_crc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_hotspares.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_mddb.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_mdiox.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_mhdx.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_mirror.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_mirror_shared.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_names.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_notify.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_raid.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_rename.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_sp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_stripe.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/md_trans.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/mdio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/mdmed.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/mdmn_commd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lvm/mdvar.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lwp.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lwp_timer_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/lwp_upimutex_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_client.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_client_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_ether.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_flow.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_flow_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_provider.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_soft_ring.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mac_stat.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/machelf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/machlock.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/machsig.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/machtypes.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/map.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mc_amd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mc_intel.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mca_amd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mca_x86.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/md4.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/md5.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/md5_consts.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mdb_modapi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mdi_impldefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mem.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mem_config.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/memlist.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mhd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mii.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/miiregs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mixer.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mkdev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mman.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mmapobj.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mntent.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mntio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mnttab.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/modctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mode.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/model.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/modhash.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/modhash_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mount.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mouse.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/msacct.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/msg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/msg_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/msio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/msreg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mtio.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/multidata.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/multidata_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mutex.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/mutex_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nbmlock.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/ncall 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ncall/ncall.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ncall/ncall_module.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ndi_impldefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/ndifm.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/net80211.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/net80211_crypto.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/net80211_ht.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/net80211_proto.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/netconfig.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/neti.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/netstack.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nexusdefs.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/note.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsc_ddi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsc_thread.h 0644 root bin
d usr/include/sys/nsctl 0755 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/cfg.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/cfg_cluster.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/cfg_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/cfg_lockd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/contract.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/dsw.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/dsw_dev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/librdc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/model.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/ncall_inter.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_dev.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_disk.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_gen.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_hash.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_mem.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_power.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsc_rmspin.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsctl_inter.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/nsvers.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdc.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdc_bitmap.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdc_diskq.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdc_io.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdc_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdc_prot.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdcerr.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/rdcrules.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/safestore.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sd_bcache.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sd_cache.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sd_conf.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sd_hash.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sd_pcu.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sd_trace.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sdbc_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sv.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sv_efi.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nsctl/sv_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nskernd.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nvpair.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/nvpair_impl.h 0644 root bin
f usr/include/sys/objfs.h 0644 root bin