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Downstream repository of NetBSD/pkgsrc for Joyent package builds
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archivers archivers/ruby-zip: update to 1.2.3 Jun 15, 2019
audio <sys/types.h> is preferred, via gdt@. Jun 26, 2019
benchmarks handle SO_LINGER portably. Jun 15, 2019
biology biology/ncbi-blast+: Unbreak configure Jun 28, 2019
bootstrap bootstrap: Enable sed on Cygwin by default. Jun 20, 2019
cad (cad/openscad) Updated 2015.03-3 to 2019.05 (Re: PR pkg/54302) Jun 22, 2019
chat irssi: Update to 1.2.1 Jun 29, 2019
comms lirc: fix build on Arch Linux Jun 24, 2019
converters all: replace SUBST_SED with the simpler SUBST_VARS May 23, 2019
cross cross/*: let pkglint autofix indentation and variable alignment Jun 8, 2019
databases databases/mongodb3: Belatedly add files/ Jun 30, 2019
devel Re-fix installing gio/gdesktopappinfo.h on OS X, needed by at least Jun 28, 2019
distfiles These files belong to $MASTER_SITE_LOCAL - moved them there! Dec 5, 2000
doc doc: Updated editors/pluma to 1.22.1nb1 Jun 30, 2019
editors pluma: explicitly note Python 2.7 tool dependency Jun 30, 2019
emulators libretro-nestopia: Append to CXXFLAGS instead of CFLAGS. Jun 28, 2019
filesystems Use https for sourceforge project links. Jun 22, 2019
finance py-fecon235: mark as incompatible with Python 2.7 Jun 17, 2019
fonts More http -> https. Jun 24, 2019
games reword Jun 29, 2019
geography py-obspy: Python 2.7 is not supported any more because of py-scipy Jun 15, 2019
graphics Make required babl version match configure script. Jun 25, 2019
ham (ham/gnuradio-*) Updated to Jun 21, 2019
inputmethod More http -> https. Jun 24, 2019
lang More http -> https. Jun 24, 2019
licenses licenses: Add Server Side Public License Jun 28, 2019
mail Use CPPFLAGS, not CFLAGS, for consistency with ucspi-tcp6 and djbdns. Jun 28, 2019
math R: Add missing zoneinfo file from previous update. Jun 23, 2019
mbone Updated mbone/mdd to 20180824 Aug 29, 2018
meta-pkgs mate: Bump for previous. Jun 28, 2019
misc Improve some comments Jun 27, 2019
mk Fix a typo in flag in comment Jun 26, 2019
multimedia mplayer-share: alsa is not a supported option for mencoder so dont su… Jun 25, 2019
net net/unifi: Fix MASTER_SITES to avoid nbN Jun 29, 2019
news all: replace SUBST_SED with the simpler SUBST_VARS May 23, 2019
packages Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more Nov 24, 1999
parallel Use https for sourceforge project links. Jun 22, 2019
print print/poppler: up GCC_REQD to 5 Jun 17, 2019
regress mk/tools: in the wrapper log, quote arguments containing = naturally May 22, 2019
security +libb2 Jun 22, 2019
shells tcsh: Uncomment HOMEPAGE (now available again) May 19, 2019
sysutils py-psutil: fix build on -current, which does not define LSDEAD any lo… Jun 29, 2019
templates Point at the HTML pkgsrc guide, not a plain-text human redirect. Feb 4, 2017
textproc expat: update to 2.2.7. Jun 29, 2019
time py-arrow: updated to 0.14.2 Jun 16, 2019
wm blackbox70: fix build with gettext-0.20.1 Jun 14, 2019
www cliqz: update to 1.27.4 Jun 29, 2019
x11 tk: Fix patch broken in previous update. Jun 27, 2019
Makefile Remove old bulk build code. Use pbulk. Jun 2, 2014
README README: minor grammatical fix Jan 29, 2019
pkglocate Remove clauses 3,4 from TNF-only copyright blocks. Aug 22, 2018


$NetBSD: README,v 1.21 2019/01/29 03:11:03 gutteridge Exp $

pkgsrc is a framework for building software on UNIX-like systems.

To use, bootstrap using:
    cd pkgsrc/bootstrap/

build packages, use:
    cd pkgsrc/category/package-name
    $PREFIX/bin/bmake install

Where $PREFIX is where you've chosen to install packages (typically /usr/pkg)

Bugs and patches can be filed in the following link (use category 'pkg'):

To fetch the main CVS repository:
    cvs -d checkout -P pkgsrc

It's also possible to contribute through pkgsrc wip (work in progress), for
more information, see

Please see doc/pkgsrc.txt for information.
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