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World’s First LGBT+ Emoji Flags
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Pride Emoji Flags


A simple repository by JoyPixels to provide a fully-inclusive set of pride emoji flags.

what's included?

All 16 flags in SVG and PNG (512px) format within the repository, as well as attached to each release in zip format for easy download.

how can I use them?

These flags have not been recommended for general use (RGI) by Unicode, meaning there is no globally shared emoji code point by which they can be referred. A petition exists to help drive the movement for inclusion into Unicode.

These flags are released under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-4.0) license so that there are few limits on the ways they can be used. Websites, apps, sticker packs, and physical goods (stickers, posters, etc) are all permitted within the CC-BY-4.0 license. Please see this guide on best practices for attribution.

can I contribute?

We gladly accept design suggestions and bug fixes! If you see an issue with any of the artwork please submit an issue and let us know what needs fixed up. You may also submit a pull request that includes the fixes. Keep in mind that to maintain the image quality it is best to modify the SVG file and submit updates that way.

thank you!

And thanks to Fullscreen Inc for the inspiration and guidance.

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