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Demo for ESP32 with a display that shows current time and BTC price
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Simple Demo for an ESP32 module with a TFT LCD or an OLED display.

Displays current time and BTC price in USD.

Supports two different modules directly:

  • ESP32 with I2C connected SSD1306 driven OLED display (resolution 128x64) made by Lolin as WEMOS LOLIN32
  • ESP32 with SPI connected ST7789V driven TFT LCD display (resolution 240x135) made by TTGO as T-Display

It's very easy to modify the source code for any I2C or SPI connected display.

The demo application shows several useful techniques, such as:

  • using a single source code with very different displays and graphics libraries
  • obtaining current time using SNTP
  • obtaining current bitcoin price using a web API
  • avoiding JSON library when decoding simple JSON message
  • using the Tasker library to call a task periodically or on a button press

To install ESP32 core on Arduino follow the instructions on this page:

Then you'll need to install either SSD1306 or TFT_eSPI libraries and also NTPClient and Tasker libraries. They are available via the Arduino Library Manager.

Please note that the TTGO T-Display requires version 1.4.16 (or higher) of the TFT_eSPI library, otherwise the screen content is shifted by 52 pixels.


Petr Stehlik

LOLIN32 photo

LOLIN photo

LOLIN32 pinout

LOLIN pinout

TTGO T-Display

TTGO T-display photo+pinout

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