Geoserver App-Schema Example For USGIN and GSLMP
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Geoserver 2.2 App-Schema Example For USGIN and GSLMP

This project includes the data and workspaces required to successfully use an app-schema with Geoserver. Specificaly, to use an app-schema with the USGIN Geothermal project.


GeoServer app-schema extension

Original Environment:

Windows 7 (Also tested on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit Desktop) GeoServer 2.2
PostgreSQL 9.1

Installation steps:

-Install the data: view the /database/DBinstall.txt
-Add the workspaces to GeoServer: simply add the /workspaces directory to your Geoserver workspaces directory. The default on Windows is "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoServer 2.x\data_dir\workspaces"
-Restart the GeoServer Service

Everything should be ready to go.

For a more in depth look at these workspaces go to