Using the Meson build system to build and upload programs to an Arduino
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Meson sample project for Arduino development

This repository contains the sample blink application for Arduino. Compile it with the following commands.

mkdir build
meson --cross-file arduino_uno_cross.txt build
cd build

The result can be uploaded with the following command:

ninja ardup

This command will rebuild the binary before uploading if it is out of date.

Porting to other Arduino models

This project hardcodes Arduino Uno. If you have a different model, change the compiler specifications and flags in the cross file. There does not seem to be a way to easily get these programmatically so you have to copy them by hand from Arduino IDE invocations.

The code also assumes a Linux environment and that your Arduino is in the serial port /dev/ttyACM0. If your setup is different, change the program invocations to match.