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Build parsers in Java
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Builds mini parsers in pure Java.

How to Use?

jparsec is available in maven-central. Snapshot Javadoc


Add the following fragment to your <dependencies> section:


Tell me more

Jparsec is a recursive-descent parser combinator framework written for Java. It's an implementation of Haskell Parsec on the Java platform.

Feature highlights

  • Operator precedence grammar,
  • Accurate error location and customizable error message,
  • Rich set of pre-defined reusable combinator functions,
  • Declarative API that resembles BNF.


Look at the wiki for documentation on implementing parsers with jparsec.

Talking about jparsec

  • 2014-01-16 - Nantes JUG: Quickie on jparsec for local JUG
  • 2013-09-23 - JUGSummerCamp 2013: Directory parsing-made-easy contains material for the talk (slides + sample code)

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