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Django Job Board

django-job-board is a dead simple django based pluggable job board application that is extracted from the original Scrum8 and is currently live at


To install django-job-board on your django site, you need these two django applications:

  1. django-commons :
  2. django-wmd-editor :


  1. mootools-textarea-resizer :


To install django-job-board on your django site, you would need to do the following steps:

  1. Add django-job-board with its dependencies to your django project INSTALLED_APPS settings as such:


    If you already have django-commons and django-tagging installed, then you don't need to add it again on the INSTALLED_APPS configuration.

  2. Add django-job-board to your url settings. If job board is the root url in your project then you need to add the following url configuration to

    url(r'^', include('job_board.urls')),

    If not then you may add it as such::

    url(r'^jobs/$', include('job_board.urls')),
  3. Synchronize the database with:

    $ python syncdb
  4. Add the job categories from django admin

  5. django-job-board should be available on your site now

Template customization

You may customize and override django-job-board according to your needs. In your django-project's TEMPLATE_DIRS you may add 'job_board' directory underneath it. The templates that should exist under this directory are:

  1. form.html : This is the template for the add new job
  2. base_form.html : This is the actual form that is shared between form.html and preview.html
  3. list.html : This is the template for displaying the currently listed jobs
  4. view.html : This is the template for displaying the detail of the job
  5. preview.html : This is the template for previewing the data before it is submitted to the database
  6. feed.html : This is the template for displaying the job feeds. You may or may not override this template.


Copyright (c) 2009 Scrum8 ( under BSD License.