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Tutorial on Flow-Based Programming (Filter File application)

Filter File with DrawFBP: use a network of flow-based components to display selected records from files.

General web site on Flow-Based Programming: .

This tutorial is repeatable, so that concepts can be shared with others, or reinforced and clarified in future, perhaps on a different platform. FBP, as demonstrated here, is fully asynchronous, and uses a "conveyor belt" analogy, rather than being procedural like a number of other systems which also use the term "Flow-Based Programming".

Using DrawFBP, we design and build a network of components from the JavaFBP library (jar file), then compile and run in a Windows or Unix environment.

Tutorial Steps

Step00 - Setup DrawFBP

Step01 - Draw an end-to-end diagram.

Step02 - Add other parts to the diagram.

Step03 - Choose a component for a part.

Step04 - Set a value for a part.

Step05 - Choose components and set values for other parts.

Step06 - Generate a Java program.

Step07 - Run the program.

Step08 - Inside a component.

Step09 - More ideas about design.

Step10 - Extend the diagram.

Step11 - Combine data flows.

Step12 - Subnets.

Step13 - "Brackets" and "substreams".

Repeat, with or without an audience!


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