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A premade Grunt environment to build optimized static websites, utilizing Grunt Source.


  • Development and Production builds with --env dev|prod
  • Compile your [Java|Coffee]Script, Jade and Stylus
  • Watch source each directory and compile only what is required
  • Add a config object to have it merged into the grunt config
  • Grunt source config available as the source variable in Jade and Stylus files
  • Easily embed images in CSS as Data-URIs
  • Add an angular flag to run ng-min over your files before minification
  • Generate an Application Cache manifest file with the manifest task


  • Install Grunt Source


  • When we run:

  • It will create the following directory structure:

  • And compile these files to:

  • And we're ready to host on Github Pages

Grunt Options


Can be prod or dev (defaults to dev).

prod will minify all JS, CSS, HTML

dev will leave the JS intact, create annotated CSS, prettify your HTML



Grunt Source Config

  • angular when true, will run ng-min before uglify


Below is the output from grunt-source --help

            init  Initialises a project with using a set of defaults
          stylus  Compile Stylus files into CSS *
          coffee  Compile CoffeeScript files into JavaScript *
            jade  Compile jade templates. *
          uglify  Minify files with UglifyJS. *
          cssmin  Minify CSS files *
          concat  Concatenate files. *
           ngmin  Annotate AngularJS scripts for minification *
        manifest  Generate HTML5 cache manifest *
            copy  Copy files. *
           watch  Run predefined tasks whenever watched files change.
 scripts-compile  Alias for "coffee" task.
    scripts-pack  Alias for "concat:scripts" task.
         scripts  Alias for "scripts-compile", "scripts-pack" tasks.
          styles  Alias for "stylus" task.
           views  Alias for "jade" task.
           build  Alias for "scripts", "styles", "views" tasks.
         default  Alias for "build", "watch" tasks.

Currently, the default task will build everthing then watch everything for changes. In an effort to reduce the asset count, the build step aims to construct 1 output file. So after build you should have 1 JS, 1 CSS, 1 HTML file.

You can use any number of .coffee files as they will all be joined and wrapped in an IEFF. To attan a specific execution sequence, .coffee files will be concatenated as follows:


This way you can place all initialising code in src/scripts/init.coffee to be run first and then all "boot" your code by creating a src/scripts/run.coffee to be run last.

You can use more .styl files by using the built-in include syntax, and similarly, you can use the built-in include to split out your HTML into a logical file structure of .jade files.

In your .styl files, you can swap out url(...) for embedurl(...) to embed those images in place using data-URIs. Project root and src/styles/embed/ have been set as embed paths.

In your .jade files, for your convenience, the following variables have been set

    showFile: (file) ->
      grunt.read.file path.join base, file
    source: grunt.source
    env: env
    min: if env is 'prod' then '.min' else ''
    dev: dev
    date: new Date()
    manifest: "<%= manifest.generate.dest %>"

See this src folder as an example set of files utilising this grunt source.

See this projects Gruntfile.coffee for more information.


  • Sourcemaps in development builds


  1. Fork this repo
  2. Edit your GruntSource.json file's repo to be the new Git URL
  3. Edit your GruntSource.json file's source to reference a new directory
  4. Rerun grunt-source
  5. Push your changes
  6. Pull-request for others to enjoy