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A python library for the Zeo Sleep Monitor. I've build this in my spare time as a reward for the awesome guys from Zeo. They gifted me a Zeo for free and this is one of my ways of thanking them for a great product!

All functions described in the Zeo API documentation are supported: http://mysleep.myzeo.com/api/api.shtml


import zeoapi
z = zeoapi.Api()

Authenticate with:

z.username = 'your-username'
z.password = 'your-password'
z.apikey = 'your-apikey'
z.referrer = 'your-referrer'

And if the host has changed you may need to change that as well:

z.host = 'host-provided-by-zeo'

(default on http://api.myzeo.com:8080/zeows/api/v1/json/sleeperService/)

After authentication you are able to use all of the functions described in the documentation, i.e.


should return a number with your average sleeping score (ZQ)

Basic functions

  • getOverallAverageZQScore
  • getOverallAverageSleepStealerScore
  • getAllDatesWithSleepData
  • getDatesWithSleepDataInRange

Date specific functions

  • getSleepStatsForDate
  • getSleepRecordForDate

Paging functions

  • getPreviousSleepStats
  • getPreviousSleepRecord
  • getNextSleepStats
  • getNextSleepRecord

Functions for first or last sleep

  • getEarliestSleepStats
  • getEarliestSleepRecord
  • getLatestSleepStats
  • getLatestSleepRecord

All response for the functions are received in JSON and return as useful python dictionaries.