PMML evaluator library for the Apache Storm distributed realtime computation system (
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LICENSE.txt Import Dec 16, 2014

JPMML-Storm Build Status

PMML evaluator library for the Apache Storm distributed realtime computation system (



  • Apache Storm version 0.7.0 or newer.


Enter the project root directory and build using [Apache Maven] (

mvn clean install

The build produces two JAR files:

  • pmml-storm/target/pmml-storm-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar - Library JAR file.
  • pmml-storm-example/target/example-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar - Example topology JAR file.



Constructing an instance of Apache Storm bolt class org.jpmml.storm.PMMLBolt based on a PMML document in local filesystem:

File pmmlFile = ...;
Evaluator evaluator = PMMLBoltUtil.createEvaluator(pmmlFile);
PMMLBolt pmmlBolt = new PMMLBolt(evaluator);

Building a simple topology for scoring data:

TopologyBuilder topologyBuilder = ...;

topologyBuilder.setSpout("input", ...);
topologyBuilder.setBolt("pmml", pmmlBolt)
topologyBuilder.setBolt("output", ...)

Example topology

The example topology JAR file contains a single executable class org.jpmml.storm.Main.

This class expects three command-line arguments:

  1. The path of the model PMML file in local filesystem.
  2. The path of the input CSV file in local filesystem.
  3. The path of the output CSV file in local filesystem.

For example:

storm jar example-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.jpmml.storm.Main DecisionTreeIris.pmml Iris.csv /tmp/DecisionTreeIris.csv

Please note that example topology is operational for 30 seconds. If you are testing with larger files please raise this limit as needed.


JPMML-Storm is dual-licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0] ( and a commercial license.

Additional information

Please contact [] (