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range is incorrect
#1963 opened Dec 13, 2018 by ariovistus
Invalid left-hand side in for-in defect
#1944 opened Jul 11, 2018 by yuanzm
Async binding & destructuring issues
#1943 opened Jun 23, 2018 by KFlash
Optional raw identifiers
#1919 opened Mar 12, 2018 by wisec
'async function*' does not parse
#1917 opened Mar 7, 2018 by PetarMax
Parses incorrectly invalid block scope
#1900 opened Dec 19, 2017 by ghost
Should throw on let array with new line
#1898 opened Dec 19, 2017 by ghost
Parses invalid yield in for-in statement
#1894 opened Dec 5, 2017 by ghost
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