Select Box Formatting in Dialog #1618

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Tested FF win 3.6.17 and chrome win 11.0
Example code -
In FF the select opens correct first -
If you click the x to close it and then open it again it opens with off styling -
If you were to have selected an option instead of the x the 2nd time you open it it will be styled correctly but hanges when you select a different option.

In chrome it just always has the broken styling.

fiddle example (does the odd styling on the first click in here for some reason)


We'll give this a look, thanks for the detailed info. In general, it's a good idea to use the native menus in dialogs because things gets messy with the hash. That's a big reason why we switched to defaulting to this globally.

pauln commented Jun 1, 2011

The alternating style seems to be a duplicate of issue #1692, so is addressed by pull request #1750.

The navigation issue caused by opening a dialog from in a dialog is something which really needs to be addressed - though I'm not convinced that it should be treated as a new page (in terms of navigation/history) when opening the select with menuType="page" anyway. I've elaborated on that in issue #1757, so it doesn't get buried within this issue.

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Jul 11, 2011
scottjehl abstracted out some of the page hide behavior to fix issues with the …
…close button not returning focus to the button after closing. Also fixes an issue where a full page custom menu would open as a misplaced small custom menu the second time it opens (if the menu was closed via the custom close button). Fixes #1618. Fixes #1692. Fixes #1750.
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in ada4673 Jul 11, 2011
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