url of form is miscalculated #1923

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anho commented Jun 24, 2011

Being on a page with the url 'http://sub.domain.tld/account/login' and having a form-element

<form method="post" id="form_login">

results in a call to '/account/undefined'.

anho commented Jun 24, 2011

Adding <form action="/account/login"> helps, but gives me http://sub.domain.tld/account/login#/account/login in location bar. Should be http://sub.domain.tld/account/login#/tasks/list because of a redirect.

jblas commented Jun 24, 2011


FYI I have a fix for the undefined problem. I'll check it in once I finish writing the unit tests for it.

Regarding your issue with the redirect ... we can't tell when a redirect happens because the browser only calls us back AFTER the redirect has happened so we have no clue that one occurred. That said we've been telling folks to place a data-url="/tasks/list" on their page element in the results.

You can read more about it here:


@jblas jblas was assigned Jun 24, 2011
@jblas jblas added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 27, 2011
@jblas jblas - Fixed issue #1923 - url of form is miscalculated
	- Added code to calculate whether to choose the documentUrl or the page Url in the case where an action is not specified on a form element.

	- Fixed bug in the navigation "submit" handler where an error was being thrown if "type" was not specified.

	- Fixed typo "diabled" id typos in tests/unit/navigation/index.html.

	- Added tests for form submissions with no action in both base and non-base specified cases.
jblas commented Jun 27, 2011

The fix for the action attribute not being specified has landed on the HEAD:



@jblas jblas closed this Jun 27, 2011
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