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I recently did a JQM layout twice.

First time, I only used the JQM CSS by adding all JQM enhancements manually.

For example, instead of:

<li data-icon="false" class="ui-li-has-count">
   <a title="some" href="where.html">
      far away
      <span class="ui-li-count">47</span>

I write:

<li data-icon="false" class="ui-btn ui-btn-icon-right ui-li ui-li-has-count">
  <div aria-hidden="true" class="ui-btn-inner ui-li">
    <div class="ui-btn-text">
      <a title="some" href="where.html" class="ui-link-inherit">
         far away
         <span class="ui-li-count  ui-btn-corner-all">47</span>

Although the file size was huge (> 500kb) and included tons of iframes etc, it loaded superfast on all devices I tried, even Blackberry.

Now I'm doing a full JQM version and although file size is (<100kb) it really is slow.

So my feature request would be a Jquery Mobile Light version, which brings all functioanlity but zero HTML enhancements. These should be done DIY = by the programmer.


I agree this is something we're going to dive into next. Especially for people whoa re generating markup client-side, it's better to generate the final markup instead of the basic markup, then enhancing. We'd need to register any events on the pre-enhanced markup so there is stuff to consider but this is a good alt approach for some cases.

We're also working on speeding up enhancement for 1.0 anyway. Big improvements coming.


looking forward to 1.0 then :-)

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If you have any "real-world" page that demonstrates slow enhancement, I'm interested in looking at it to analyze where the time is being spent.

@frequent frequent reopened this Nov 11, 2011

I wan't it to be more like 'pre-rendering' your page, maybe with rhino or node.js, you could take a normal page and pre-render the enhancements. This would be very useful for solutions solutions like phonegap. the package the user would download would be a typical cpu-time, memory-consumption trade off. (eg. i have a tmobile g1 with a 614mhz processor with a 32gb sd card)


Thanks all, this is a good idea but we keep feature requests closed until we put them into a milestone. Can someone please add a link tot this to the feature request wiki page here on github.

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