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Data-position-Fixed="True" not unfix the panel in android 4.0x #5813

prafullyeole opened this Issue Mar 26, 2013 · 3 comments

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I added Overlay panel in my page with "Data-Position-Fixed="true"". As per docs, the Overlay Panel unfix itself if the panel content height is larger than active page height

if (expand)

$.mobile.resetActivePageHeight( pannelInnerHeight );

It will work fine in desktop browser and tablet but it is not working in Android 4.0x smartphone e.g. Samsung Galaxy SII, Sony Experia. The Panel have same set of class
"ui-panel ui-panel-position-right ui-panel-display-overlay ui-body-a ui-panel-fixed ui-panel-animate ui-panel-open" .
If we remove ui-panel-fixed class and set data-position-fixed=false on event like $(document).bind('panelbeforeopen') and $(document).bind('panelopen'), though it is not unfix panel in above mentioned android phones

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Please provide a test page that illustrates the issue. See the contributing guidelines for our JS Bin template and instructions. Thanks!



If the content on overlay is larger than screen height, the Android devices not working as per /docs/. In iphone,desktop browser Overlay gets unfix so that it scroll with page but in Android device it is not getting scroll with page
I have set test page on this URL

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I can confirm this issue in 1.3.0 but has been fixed in latest code as you will see if you test again with the test page you provided.

Re: "the Overlay Panel unfix itself if the panel content height is larger than active page height". Actually we unfix the panel if its content height is larger than the viewport (screen) height: panelInnerHeight > $.mobile.getScreenHeight(). That's also how it is explained in the API docs.

Closing as fixed.

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