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Fix jQuery #12205: Miscellaneous pseudo selector issues #139

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gibson042 commented Jul 29, 2012

Mostly stemming from 60c2549 (jQuery #12153).


Net effect on jQuery master @ e07b444dfe87f26f0d6031920026142425505ad6

    258967      (+737)  dist/jquery.js                                         
     92590      (+103)  dist/jquery.min.js                                     
     33123       (+48)  dist/jquery.min.js.gz

Maybe someone else can do better?

@rwaldron rwaldron commented on an outdated diff Jul 29, 2012

@@ -91,6 +86,12 @@ var cachedruns,
compilerCache = {},
cachedSelectors = [],
+ // Return the original text of a tokenized selector
+ // We'd use `new String` instead of object literals, but jshint complains

rwaldron Jul 29, 2012


var cString = String; new cString("foo@); an alias get around that


timmywil commented Jul 30, 2012

I understand the dilemma, but having edge cases that don't work is more acceptable to me than using tokenize for everything. The regex may not be perfect, but I'm still not convinced it can't be close enough.


gibson042 commented Jul 30, 2012

If we can learn anything from tickets, it's that people really do expect us to handle their complex queries.

Net effect on jQuery master @ e07b444dfe87f26f0d6031920026142425505ad6

    258701      (+471)  dist/jquery.js                                         
     92493        (+6)  dist/jquery.min.js                                     
     33102       (+27)  dist/jquery.min.js.gz

There's also a larger version that doesn't abandon selectorGroups in tokenize; let me know if you want to review that one.


timmywil commented Jul 30, 2012

We've always had edge cases for pseudo arguments. The ones that break in rc1 may differ from 1.7.2, but afaict, 1.8 has less. I don't know of any selector engine that doesn't split groups with a regex. Granted they don't all deal with complex arguments in pseudos so they may not have to deal with this, but we have to keep an eye on performance.


gibson042 commented Jul 31, 2012

Traded size for speed with tokenization caching.

Net effect on jQuery master @ e07b444dfe87f26f0d6031920026142425505ad6

    258961      (+731)  dist/jquery.js                                         
     92604      (+117)  dist/jquery.min.js                                     
     33168       (+93)  dist/jquery.min.js.gz

glebm commented Aug 11, 2012

added :not(:first,:last) to the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/gXww6/3/


timmywil commented Aug 24, 2012

Thank you as always for your work!

Forgive me for writing my own version of your suggestion to use tokenize for grouping, but there are so many directions Sizzle can go. There are principles that I'd like Sizzle to uphold concerning style even if some edge case bugs sneak in at times. I didn't test your version, but the version now on master does maintain performance. As you know, there are still issues that need to be addressed, but I think with your help, we are in a great place. In other words, no offense meant in not landing this pull.

FYI, for performance testing, I am using several tests. Most are listed on the jQuery blog post about "The New Sizzle".

Open this in a browser window with a console already open to see the output:


Also, there are several jsperfs listed.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas on the rselector issue.

@timmywil timmywil closed this Aug 24, 2012


mikesherov commented Aug 24, 2012

@gibson042 @timmywil You guys are amazing.


gibson042 commented Aug 25, 2012

No offense taken, @timmywil. I believe Sizzle to be much better for our sharpening each other's steel, so to speak. I'll work on the concepts I told you about, take advantage of your performance testing, and present the results.

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