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In Progress

  • Fix dateinput selectors bug#541
  • Fix history bug in scrollable navigator#542
  • Fix apple effect on firefox 3.6 #310
  • Initial effect on tabs is now configurable #531


Sept 15, 2011

  • Fixed animation queue issue when switching tabs in both autoscroll and slideshow plugins #447
  • Native browser validation is now disabled in validator to avoid compatibility issues #334
  • Dateinput now has beforeChange event and triggers change appropriately #292
  • Tooltip fade bugfix for IE #363
  • Rangeinput vertical position calculations are fixed #463
  • Horizontal accordion works again with smoother animation #327
  • Tabs with history plugin work once again #261
  • Added size parameter back to scrollable #58
  • Dateinput forward/back buttons no longer calculate the wrong date in some cases #476
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