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Make sure require errbacks do not cause an error #36

jrburke opened this Issue · 3 comments

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While almond will not call require errbacks, the usage in module code should not cause errors.

@jrburke jrburke closed this in f7162da

@jrburke What's the motivation behind not calling the error callback when a module fails to load? I currently have some fallback behavior in an error callback that won't work with almond and would be willing to do a pull request with the error callback being applied.


The idea behind almond was that it was just a simpler AMD API provider for some modules that are already all built into a file. It cannot do dynamic loading, so the uses for an error handler did not seem worth increasing the size of almond as it would put a tax on all users of almond.

Feel free to create a fork of almond though and add the behavior. Then you can add it to this list so that others who may want it can find it:


@jrburke I can imitate it easily with

setTimeout(function() {
     try {
         require(['modules-that-doesnt-exist'], function(dep){...}, undefined, true);
     } catch(e) {
         // .... failure behavior....
}, 4);

But it seems like I could easily just change a couple lines in the main function around line 296 to check for, and invoke, an error callback... only a couple extra lines would be necessary. Plus it would keep parody with require.js without actually doing a dynamic script load.

Since I found a work-around, it's not critical, just thought I'd suggest it.

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