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Enables Visual Studio Intellisense for RequireJS and AMD modules

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If you are using RequireJS, include this file to get Visual Studio Intellisense completion for your AMD modules.

Place require.intellisense.js next to your require.js file to enable the magic.

NOTE: This is still under development. If you try it, you will likely be disappointed. It does some autocomplete, but still some rough edges.


  • Visual Studio 2012. Does not work with other VS versions
  • RequireJS 2.0.6+
  • Be sure to keep the file named require.intellisense.js, and requirejs to as require.js, otherwise it will not work.


To try it out:

  • clone this repo
  • copy require.intellisense.js to the test directory
  • open up the test directory as part of a Visual Studio project.
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