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This is the top-level of the MicroMonitor source tree.

There are three main directories:
  This is the common code reusable on various targets as the core
  of MicroMonitor's functionality.
  This directory contains the public ports of MicroMonitor.  Each
  subdirectory contains the makefile and target-specific code for
  one uMon port.
  This code provides a few different application examples for use
  after the bootmonitor is built and running on your target.  The
  best place to go there is umon_apps/demo.  This directory contains
  the source and makefile that support building a basic application
  for any target supported by MicroMonitor.  

For a quick introduction refer to:
For a lot more than you'll ever care to read about it refer to:

To get started, refer to umon_main/README.


Re-release of Micromonitor (aka uMon) under the Apache 2.0 license...

Starting with the original umon1.19 code I referred to

to do what was necessary to re-release a new smaller version of the
uMon code under the Apache 2.0 license.  This was originally motivated
by a request from a GSOC (Google Summer of Code) student wanting to
port uMon to the BeagleBone Black board as an alternative bootloader
for use by the RTEMS embedded operating system.

I copied
to this local LICENSE file.

I started with
to create an appropriate NOTICE file.

This README file was last modified on Mar 28, 2015.

Primary contact:
Ed Sutter

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