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CROWD Literature - Omnibus Reading Tour 2016

A geographical event calendar with author profiles for the Omnibus Reading Tour.
A DeepaMehta 4 plugin.
Content authoring is done via the DeepaMehta Webclient.

Public installation:

About the Omnibus Reading Tour:

DeepaMehta 4 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management:

Running locally

After installation go to:


For a save-reload turnaround start the frontend directly from the DeepaMehta file repository:


Now, when you edit any client-side resource (Javascript, HTML, CSS, ...) save it and press reload in the browser. Your changes will appear immediately. No building required.

3 requirements for this to work:

  • The jri/dm4-crowd-literature git repo is cloned inside DM's modules-external directory.

  • In DM's pom.xml the file repo is configured this way:


  • In CROWD's src/main/resources/web/index.html comment this line:

    <base href="/eu.crowd-literature/">

Version History

0.6.3 -- Sep 3, 2016

  • Fixes:
    • Render detail pages with undefined event lists
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8.3

0.6.2 -- Sep 1, 2016

  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8.3

0.6.1 -- Aug 31, 2016

  • Map:
    • All-english names
    • Tour course updated
    • Optional initial center/zoom state for 2nd tour half
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8

0.6 -- May 19, 2016

Public launch

  • Map:
    • English country names
    • Real bustour line string
    • Markers/clusters of events over are gray
    • Selected event marker is orange
    • Zoom with mouse wheel
  • Start page content is user editable
  • Site header for main navigation
  • Info pages:
    • Event lists are sorted by From date/time
    • Captioned images have no margin
    • Event page: show Participants before Notes
  • "powered by DeepaMehta" attribution
  • Fixes:
    • No double vertical scrollbars
    • Fix hires (>=144dpi) display detection
    • Works behind a reverse proxy
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8

0.5 -- Mar 21, 2016

Webapp usability

  • Web design by Zlata Pasalic
  • Marker cluster rendering (by the help of Leaflet MarkerCluster plugin)
  • Auto-scale images and videos
  • Info pages:
    • Institution page: show events
    • Event page: show address along with institution link
    • Proper date/time formatting on all pages
    • New start page with CROWD logo and introduction text
  • Mobile devices: on hi-res displays markers and clusters are slightly enlarged
  • Spinning load indicator
  • Fixes:
    • External links are working also if http:// was not entered
    • No map "flickering through" on page change when in portrait mode
  • Technical: the webapp talks solely to its own /crowd endpoint; does not rely on /core anymore
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8-SNAPSHOT

0.4 -- Jan 19, 2016

First production version, updatable

  • Work Involvement associations are typed automatically
  • Info pages:
    • Work page: show institutions (publishers)
    • Event Series page: show events with dates
  • Own public "CROWD" workspace
  • Technical: uses DTOs for less requests and smaller transfer sizes
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8-SNAPSHOT

0.3 -- Dec 30, 2015

Data model consolidation

  • Views: Work details page, Institution details page, Event Series details page
  • Data model:
    • Person has "Gender", "Place of birth", "Nationality" (multi), and "Language" (multi)
    • Work has "Year of publication" and "Place of publication"
    • Work "Genre" is a multi field
    • Event has "Entrance Fee"
    • "Event Series" is new topic type
    • "Curator" is new work involvement role
  • Own REST service
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8-SNAPSHOT

0.2 -- Dec 21, 2015

Technical basis

  • Responsive web design: individual layouts for portrait/landscape orientation
  • GeoJSON visualization of the bustour
  • Clickable Event markers
  • Event details page, Person details page, linked to each other
  • Deep links
  • Functional browser back/forward buttons
  • Technical: Makes use of Angular-Leaflet directive
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8-SNAPSHOT

0.1 -- Dec 15, 2015

Project setup

  • Data model: Work, Translation, Work Involvement
  • Leaflet based map rendering with Mapbox imagery
  • Depends on DeepaMehta 4.8-SNAPSHOT

Jörg Richter
Sep 3, 2016


Web frontend for the CROWD Literature Omnibus (a DeepaMehta 4 plugin)



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