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DeepaMehta 4 Geospatial

A DeepaMehta 4 plugin that provides geospatial "Within Distance" queries.

DeepaMehta 4 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management.


Java API:

List<Topic> getTopicsWithinDistance(GeoCoordinate geoCoord, double maxDistanceInKm)

Returned is a list of Geo Coordinate topics (as defined in the Geomaps plugin).


GET /geospatial/<lon>,<lat>/distance/<km>

The response is an array of Geo Coordinate topics.

If you want include the Geo Coordinate topic's Longitude and Latitude child topics in the result as well append ?include_childs=true to the request.


Java API:

import de.deepamehta.plugins.geospatial.GeospatialService;
import de.deepamehta.plugins.geomaps.GeomapsService;
import de.deepamehta.plugins.geomaps.model.GeoCoordinate;

GeospatialService geospatialService;
GeomapsService geomapsService;

List<Topic> geoCoordTopics = geospatialService.getTopicsWithinDistance(new GeoCoordinate(13.4, 52.5), 10.0);
for (Topic geoCoordTopic : geoCoordTopics) {
    GeoCoordinate geoCoord = geomapsService.geoCoordinate(geoCoordTopic);
    double lon = geoCoord.lon;
    double lat =;

Version History

0.3 -- Aug 05, 2016

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.8
  • Checks READ permissions for the requesting user automatically
    while assembling the resulting set of geo coordinate topics
  • Much faster build of query-results (5-6 times faster).
    Query Example A: 0.5km radius with 31 results (700-800ms instead of 5000ms)
    Query Example B: 1.18km radius with 141 results (near 2600ms instead of 10200ms)
    Plugin maintains previous accuracy and its automatic (index) update-functionality.

Note: This release is not compatible with one of the previous releases. If you have a deepamehta database with a spatial index created with version 0.2 or 0.1 of this plugin please contact us and we will most probably find a way to upgrade your data.

0.2 -- Oct 24, 2014

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.4

0.1 -- Aug 10, 2014

  • "Within Distance" query
  • Based on Neo4j Spatial
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.4-SNAPSHOT

Jörg Richter & Malte Reißig
Aug 05, 2016


Spatial database capabilities for DeepaMehta 4



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