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Lectures on QuTiP: slides and ipython notebooks
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images added qobj images Jul 2, 2014
Lecture-1-Jaynes-Cumming-model.ipynb Updated lecture 1 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-12-Decay-into-a-squeezed-vacuum-field.ipynb Updated lecture 12 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-13-Resonance-flourescence.ipynb Updated lecture 13 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-14-Kerr-nonlinearities.ipynb Reran notebook with latest qutip Jan 24, 2015
Lecture-15-Nonclassically-driven-atoms.ipynb Updated lecture 15 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-16-Gallery-of-Wigner-functions.ipynb added notebook with a gallery of wigner functions for differetn staes Oct 8, 2014
Lecture-2B-Single-Atom-Lasing.ipynb Updated lecture 2b Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-3A-Dicke-model.ipynb Updated lecture 3a Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-3B-Jaynes-Cumming-model-with-ultrastrong-coupling.ipynb Updated lecture 3b Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-4-Correlation-Functions.ipynb Updated lecture 4 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-5-Parametric-Amplifier.ipynb Updated lecture 5 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-6-Quantum-Monte-Carlo-Trajectories.ipynb Updated lecture 6 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-7-iSWAP-gate.ipynb Updated lecture 7 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-8-Adiabatic-quantum-computing.ipynb Updated lecture 8 Jun 26, 2014
Lecture-9-Squeezed-states-of-harmonic-oscillator.ipynb updated notebook for qutip 3.1.0 Jan 23, 2015 index new notebook Oct 8, 2014
qutip-overview.odp added overview slides Dec 11, 2012
qutip-overview.pdf restored qutip-overview pdf Mar 26, 2013

QuTiP Lectures as IPython notebooks

Quantum mechanics and quantum optics lectures and demonstrations using QuTiP. For more information about QuTiP, see

To open these notebooks in IPython, download the files to a directory on your computer and from that directory run:

$ ipython notebook

This will open a new page in your browser with a list of the available notebooks.

Online read-only versions

Use the following links:

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