A node.js port of rmate.
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A node.js port of rmate. Allows you to remote edit files in TextMate or Sublime Text through an ssh session.


On server, install node.js and jmate.

npm -g install jmate

Configure ssh to tunnel to your local machine using a remote port

ssh -R 52698:localhost:52698 user@example.com

Or, put this in your ~/.ssh/config to enable remote forwarding for your server(s):

Host example.com
    RemoteForward 52698

Sublime Text

Install package rsub


Usage: jmate [options] <file ...>


    -h, --help        output usage information
    -V, --version     output the version number
    -h, --host <str>  Connect to host. Use 'auto' to detect the host from SSH. Defaults to 'localhost'.
    -p, --port <num>  Port number to use for connection. Defaults to 52698.
    -w, --wait        Wait for file to be closed by editor.
    -l, --line <num>  Place caret on line <num> after loading file.
    -n, --name <str>  The display name shown in editor.
    -t, --type <str>  Treat file as having type <str>.
    -f, --force       Open even if the file is not writable.
    -v, --verbose     Verbose logging messages.

You can also set default host and port options for jmate in /etc/jmate.rc or ~/.jmate.rc. Additionally, the environment variables JMATE_HOST and JMATE_PORT will set the host and port options as well. For backwards compatibility, rmate.rc and RMATE_ can alternatively be used.


MIT License